as a fan of the Sonic series, i have played through lots of sonic levels. i'm making this to keep you up-to-date with my crazy/bonkers antics.

Sonic Heroes

This was the first Sonic game i ever played. here are some chaotic moments that i love,

Team Dark, Robot storm: this is so annoying! i get so, so far then i get knocked off the edge by the robots with a huge hammer!

Metal Overlord: The only reason Wake Me Up by Zebrahead is my theme song. it confused me. It makes no sense that no-one can attack until you access Team Blast. And how does Metal Sonic gather everything???!!!

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

i cause lots of mayhem in any game. SR:ZG proves this. Stick around, 'cos i'll be updating this.

Megalo Station: oh man, this level is fun. you can cause havoc down the backstraight and no-one can keep up with you! it's hilarious to watch them eat your dust. the track's easy once you get a grip of the controls.

Botanical Kingdom: Damn it, what did i tell you about trimming the hedge, Omochao?! what? that's what it's meant to be like? oh-

MeteorTech Premisies: a factory level just like Egg/Ice Factory in Sonic Riders, just with an easier layout. it's a nightmare in story mode, though, with Wave keeping up at all times (if you're new to it).