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September 5, 2008
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  • Rainbowroad6w

    Hey look. It's me. That freak everyone hated that could potentially be considered an oldbie here, though I left here more than a year ago and haven't truly looked at SNN since then.

    So basically I decided that since it's being shared everywhere else, I may as well share it here.

    You people only know me as Rainbowroad6w. But I've been working with ocremix, and I'm under the remixer name G-Mixer over there. So basically, I'm here to share with you the next Sonic ReMix album from ocremix, Sonic CD: Temporal Duality

    Enjoy. Even after all of this and being a part of it, I still think Project Chaos is better, though. haha

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  • Rainbowroad6w

    Welp, everybody, it's been about 4 years since I joined SNN, back on September 30, 2008, and I'm done. I've had my fun here.

    Yes, guys, that d*ck you all remember who hated you because you thought Sonic '06 was cool, insulted people, got banned twice, and got demoted twice, is actually leaving. I expect the majority of you are probably relieved. I still think you are crazy if you think Sonic '06 is any good in any way, but whatever, I'll respect your opinion.

    I have only around 850 mainspace edits (the rest are all blog comments, I bet; half of them probably being me making hate comments), though most of these edits were rather useful. I created many pages, including all the stages for Sonic Riders, the cancelled game Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme, a…

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  • Rainbowroad6w

    Ok, so I haven't played the game, but I thought some of you may want to read what some real Sonic video game players have to say about it down over at Sonic Retro. So here's the link.

    So, as far as it looks, this game isn't as good as I hoped it would be (great, the streak for awesome games [starting at Sonic Generations] just ended). Fortunately, as far as the review goes, it wasn't completely and terribly awful, either. It was just... "ok."

    Scarred Sun, the reviewer of the game on Retro, said that the levels were bland, most of them being uninteresting and unoriginal (how many times have I seen that word in a SEGA game?... they need some ideas), there were still very minor issues with physics (not big issues, though; most of it was fixed), a…

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  • Rainbowroad6w

    That's right. It's finally done and on iTunes. Link to album:

    It's also my birthday today! Wow, great day to release my album! :D I'm 15.

    Also, thought I'd post my newest RTTTA vid.

    Thought this was cool.

    Yeah. Neat stuff.

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  • Rainbowroad6w

    That's right. You hear me. Sonic Retro said that there's a possibility of Sonic Adventure 2 coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Really? Could it be? Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 was on the list, and right above it was Sonic Adventure 2. If you're an owner of an Xbox 360 but don't have a GameCube or Dreamcast, you just might be able to finally own the game.

    ...thought I'd post my newest RTTTA video. Once again I speak of Hunger Games, and probably for the last time in a while.

    Darkness already has seen and commented on this video, just to let ya know. Comment as well about the Question of the Week or request what you want me to talk about next on the YouTube page. If you don't have a YouTube channel and cannot comment on YouTube, comment here. Subscrib…

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