Screwin' around today and I find this video:


The graphics just look outstanding here, and nothing has changed music-wise with Green Hill Zone.

To add on to this, we get to see both Sonics in action in Mushroom Hill Zone, which is a treat. While we get to hear a great electronic remix of Mushroom Hill Zone for Classic Sonic, it seems that the Modern Sonic version has not yet finished, because as of right now, it's being replaced by the original song.

And then we get to see the Special Stage which is similar to the one in Sonic Heroes. And boy, I'm feeling good about this. I was obsessed with the special stages in Sonic Heroes when I first played it, so to be able to see that again and even faster speeds is just fantastic. In addition, the song that appeared in the Special Stage of Sonic Heroes returns, and that remix I can tell you now is really getting me excited. So many other songs in that game do I remember so well, but the Special Stage music just pops in my brain immediately when someone says something about the music in Sonic Heroes. What a great song. And the remix just makes it sound better.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the trailer video for the 3DS Sonic Generations.