Hi there.

So first off, thought I might stick in the latest video I've done, from my RTTTA series. I talk about upcoming Disney films (for your interest, MetalShadow), and what I thought about the Hunger Games, along with question of the week and a new addition.


So, if you have a YT account and would like to comment on your opinion about question of the week, comment on the YT page. If you do not have a YT account, comment here. And the new addition. Comment (on YT page if you have YT account) on your request of what I should talk about next. :) Also, the video I put up right before this one was SleuthX2 if you want to check that out. That's a 3 year oldie (yes, yesterday the video turned three years old).

Secondly, Sonic Retro updated on some interesting things.

First, they announced Crush 40 will be releasing their own EP (if you don't know what EP means, it stands for "extended play", which means not long enough to be a full album, but not short enough to be a single) on iTunes. I thought that was pretty cool.

Second, Sonic 2 HD is getting closer and closer to being finished. Yay.

Third, SNN founder Guess Who has been put on the spot on the home page. Check it out for yourself.

And finally, I thought this was really interesting.

Also, my cousin is planning to make a parody trailer of Hunger Games, being called "Thirsty Games" instead. He wanted me to do audio and film it, so that'll be interesting.

To add on to Hunger Games parodies, I just finished writing and recording "I'm Peeta and I Know It". There was originally about 5 lines that were parodied from the original song "I'm Sexy and I Know It" and spread across the internet. I took those lines and built a whole song off of it which is the same length as "I'm Sexy and I Know It". Sooner or later, a stupid video of that will be up on YouTube. And no, it's not as horrific as this.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed the show.