First off, the second video in the Powerup! series has been released on YouTube; Metroid. If you haven't seen the previous one, which is Mario, click this button. I really like this one. I find it funny. Of course, only people that have played Metroid will understand it. I am the main character (Bob) who thinks he's Samus (yeah that's a little weird, I know, because Samus is a girl). I thought the scream I did at the beginning was a little stupid, and at the end I found it sort of stupid what I was doing as well, but oh well. PKMN I think wanted to see it, so here ya go dude:

Powerup! - Metroid03:32

Powerup! - Metroid

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Don't worry, the Sonic one was just filmed, and he's currently editing it.

Now for the Sonic stuff

Ok, first off, wanted to post this picture:

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That was a good 3 to 4 years ago.

Now, here's what I really wanted to show you. How many of us remember Big Arm as the final boss in Sonic 3? Well, if we recall how great that music was, check out the remix made for Sonic Generations for the 3DS:

Sonic Generations 3DS Music- Big Arm (Full Version)02:50

Sonic Generations 3DS Music- Big Arm (Full Version)

I'm sorry, but that might be the best remix I've ever heard. And that's not even high quality. That's a game rip. Skip to 2:18. That's when I think it gets good. It sounds like Sonic gone bad. That is Sonic music right there for you. Kickbutt, man, kickbutt. Tell me what you think about this down below.