Make sure to read this blog of my Top 10 favorite Sonic games. As you may notice, I'm more for the Classics. Anyways, this is what I wanted to talk about today... Sonic Retro wanted the picture below to be captioned. I want to see what you might come up with that would be hilarious.

I mean, this picture could thousands of hilarious captions, because why the heck is Sonic on a horse?? Pretty stupid right? Just like Sonic Drift, where you're wondering why the heck is Sonic in a darn car?? He's faster than that crappy machine on wheels! Or being on a cruddy surfer board??? Lol.

So then, here is the pic and in the comment section I want you to caption this and what you think might be best.

Sonic on Horse

"Hey horse, can you go faster than 770 mph??"