Blog Reminders
PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING. Please remember to see my previous blogs such as Powerup! - Sonic the Hedgehog (a video that me and my cousin made) and Sonic Remixes Wiki (talks about the wiki I created that is now beginning to get attention). Also, although it doesn't seem like it, FAQs of Sonic I'm tired of is still alive. If you want to ask a question and/or answer one, go ahead! The blog isn't dead and you can still comment. Also, I recently have posted a blog about the SNN founder Guess Who, and have found him active on Sonic Retro. See that blog here. To add on to this, my cousin and I have a new YouTube channel here. Check that out. Speaking of which, we have a new vid out called "INE". One of my favorites I've ever done, and it's put together well, IMO. Look at that here.


My cousin and I once again have released another video. No, it's not a sequel to the Powerup! - Sonic video, but that will be coming, don't worry. This video is the beginning of an original series we call Bob, Dave, and That Other Guy. This video is the introduction to the series. The theme song is written and recorded by me, and if you don't remember, I'm the tall guy with the fo-hawk. Yeah.

Now for the good stuff.

No really. I found him.

For those of you who have noticed the founder of this site, Guess Who, who only founded it and then left only 10 edits later (this all happening over 6 years ago)... I have found him on an active Sonic site we all probably know of (or at least the majority of us, considering it's one of the biggest Sonic fan sites around).

I enjoy going to the forums at that site, and I saw this forum thread that said "last editor: Guess Who". I immediately clicked on the link to his page. Here it is. I messaged him, and he finally replied. And Guess What (lol pun intended)? Here I am, standing here, telling you I talked to the guy who founded this site. He's 18 years old, meaning he would've been 12 years old when he created this site! Wow.

I asked him if he ever comes by now and then just to see where the site has gone. It's been about 3 to 4 days now, and he hasn't replied, unlike his last reply which only took him a few hours to get back to me.