Blog Reminders
PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING. Please remember to see my previous blogs such as Powerup! - Sonic the Hedgehog (a video that me and my cousin made) and Sonic Remixes Wiki (talks about the wiki I created that is now beginning to get attention). Also, although it doesn't seem like it, FAQs of Sonic I'm tired of is still alive. If you want to ask a question and/or answer one, go ahead! The blog isn't dead and you can still comment. Also, I recently have posted a blog about the SNN founder Guess Who, and have found him active on Sonic Retro. See that blog here. To add on to this, my cousin and I have a new YouTube channel here. Check that out. Speaking of which, we have a new vid out called "INE". One of my favorites I've ever done, and it's put together well, IMO. Look at that here.

First off, I have a new video for those of you who haven't seen it. It includes a dog (whom has the name of "Crumpet", both in this video and in reality). Using a better video camera than most of our previous films (using a Canon Powershot G10... it's got 14.7 MP, which almost seems overkill, but oh well). I also found this one of my best videos I've put together, and I've found it one of our funniest and best edited, personally. We also have our own new YouTube channel, GCWaves. Check that out here. Give me your feedback on the video! I need it.

I now give thanks

This blog, like the majority of the rest of my blogs, will probably be a dud and won't get any comments, but I'm trying anyways...

So, what is everyone doing on Thanksgiving? Watching football? Macy's Thanksgiving Parade? I heard Sonic will appear in that big ol' thang. I'm gonna watch it. How about the food? Turkey? C'mon. Gotta have the turkey! Pumpkin Pie? Yes. Gotta have that too. Pumpkin Pie is one of my favorite desserts ever. I donno how I can survive Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie! Tell me what you're doing for thanksgiving here!

Here's some things I'm thankful for:

  • My family, and friends.
  • My house and shelter.
  • America, land of the free.
  • So then, I'm thankful for freedom and the right to believe what I want to believe.
  • Girls.
  • My computer, Logic Pro 9, iTunes, and all that technology awesomeness.
  • Mario and Sonic. Will love you two forever, no matter what stupid things Nintendo and SEGA have decided to do with you.
  • Video games in general.
  • Apple Inc. You're the best.
  • Disney, one of my heroes, you made Mickey Mouse, and Mickey Mouse, in my world, is the king of the universe, so I thank you for your genius films and characters you've done. It makes me mad to have to know you died, but your spirit lives on and the company, for the most part with some exceptions, has been doing wonderful.
  • PIXAR, no matter how many times you've made a mistake, I'll always love you. You're my favorite and always will be.
  • John Lasseter, my hero forever.

Sonic News Network-wise, this is what I got:

  • Thanks Bullet, for restoring this blog after deleting it because I broke a rule. Lulz.
  • I'm thankful for Supermorff, being the only completely active bureaucrat here and just being awesome, I guess.
  • I'm thankful for 58, 'cause she's got awesome drawing skills... like I do lol.
  • I'm thankful for Shelly. Although she barely ever pops up anymore, she was awesome. In fact, I think we became great friends on here because I introduced her to the site...
  • I'm thankful for the admins that no longer work here, for their hard work, because without it, we wouldn't be how we are here at SNN right now.

What about you? What are you thankful for? Comment below!