This idea came to me a few days ago and I wanted to get it out to you. Unless there is already a wiki that has this concept, what if there was a wiki that was about independent studios? Almost like fanon stuff but not, this wiki would be about many people's studios that they have created that are independent! Anyone can add their own cartoon character that must be their own, not being like this wiki where the character you create must be very much related to the Sonic Universe (where at this type of wiki, it could be something completely opposite from that). Anyone can create any page about any of their own characters (yet they must be appropriate characters), any studios they have created, adding any [appropriate] videos and [appropriate] pictures (you obviously understand that the website cannot contain any inappropriate things). So? Whadya think? Sonic Fanon Wiki thinks it is a good idea, I haven't got any feedback from Mario Wiki, and I'm waiting for your feedback. By the way, those who don't know me, I introduced Sonicrox14 to this site more than a year ago. I am the legendary S.H.! (At Sonic Fanon I'm called Lightning and at any Mario Wikis I'm called Rainbowroad) I came to this wiki almost two years ago!


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Should we make it soon or no?

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