Ok, first off, the Powerup! videos.

The Sonic one is in making. My cousin isn't sure if he really likes it all that much... we didn't get to do all the cool ideas I wanted to do, considering that we like to keep the shorts under the 5 minute mark.

I haven't seen his finished thing (which I'll "perfect," if you will). I couldn't come to check it out this last weekend, so it's been delayed to release on YouTube until next weekend. If it's delayed anymore, I won't be happy. We are planning to do a sequel to get the cool ideas we wanted done.

He and I are planning to open a YouTube of our own called GC Waves.

My favorite Sonic songs.

Everyone is talking about their favorites, why not I do the same? I mean, although Sonic has had some really crappy games, he's never disappointed us when it comes to the soundtracks. I'm not going to put these videos on my blog, but here are a few that were for Knuckles: Deeper, Dive Into Mellow, Kick the Rock, A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup, and his two themes. Truly though, possibly because it just brings back memories, the whole soundtrack from Sonic Adventure 2 is amazing, in my opinion.

Now, although I really hated this game, Un-gravitify from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity was outstanding. Catch Me If You Can, Jet's theme song, from the same game, was also pretty cool. thumb|Un-gravitify|200px|left thumb|Catch Me If You Can|200px|right

Sonic Heroes didn't let me down either. The only song I really didn't like was the Final Fortress song. Now, although DD hates Mystic Mansion, that actually is one of my favorites. thumb|Mystic Mansion|200px

All the themes from the Sonic Adventure Era (or if you just want to say "Dreamcast Era") are amazing, truly. Unknown from M.E. had an extremely amazing drummer (even my father said so, and he's known to be one of the best drummers in TN, I'm not joking), and yes, even My Sweet Passion was outstanding, from my point of view. Act all surprised, but here are my reasons:

  • Horn section had a brilliant arrangement.
  • Great electric piano (and its solo).
  • Great drum track.
  • Real nice bass line.
  • Sexy vocals (you heard me).
  • Real good and funky guitar.
  • Great chord progressions.
  • Nice arrangement over all.

Disagree? Yell at me all you want. I love the song.

Now, these are just a few. Sonic Unleashed's soundtrack was full of great songs, one of my favorites being the song for all the Apotos stages and maps and Chun-nan stages and maps, to name a couple (out of the many that I love in that game).

Even Sonic '06 had some great songs. Sure, the game sucked. But Sonic never lets us down when it comes to music.

Sonic Colors was a boring game that I really didn't like, but those orchestral songs (like the Sonic Colors theme itself) were amazingly outstanding.

thumb|Sonic Colors Theme|200px

Knowall of course reminds me of Big Arm's new remix for Sonic Generations (which I posted in my previous blog), which is absolutely amazing, and like I said on that previous blog, skip to 2:18, and that's the stuff I love, man.

Want to tell me your favorite? Feel free to comment down below. I won't bite.

My upcoming album

As some of you may know, I am releasing an album on iTunes within the next 6 months or so. The first draft of the cover art was just finished.


Cover art.

The album will have 9 tracks on it. I'm pretty excited about getting this thing out there.

Sonic Remixes Wiki

Ok, I made this site like a year ago, and no one gave a crap for it. If you like remixes of Sonic, you can come and contribute to the wiki, and then I'll begin contributing there myself once again. Just create pages with either links to download a remix (obviously on the page, give info about the remix), or a YouTube video. Here's the link:

Summing up

Welp, that's all for this week. Hope you enjoyed the updates.

By the way, tell me if you want me to do a review on a Sonic game twice a month or not (watch out, if you want me to do a review on a newer Sonic game, expect it to be a negative review). I'm already about to do a review thing for MarioWiki that will appear on the main page. Speaking of which, if you like Mario and know enough about him, please come and help and contribute. The wiki is no where near as social as this wiki, and it's 2 years younger than this wiki, and has over 2,000 pages less than this one. I have a lot of work there I'm able to do because there's so much that hasn't been dealt with there yet.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this blog. Peace, I'm out.