I just released a new video on YouTube called "HALO 4 THIS CHRISTMAS!!" Well, that's not all that I talk about on it.

I also speak of Sonic 4 Ep 2, if you want to look into that. To add on to this, I speak of for about 20 seconds The Hunger Games. I thought I might as well say I stated that in my video to you because I know how you guys are quite interested in The Hunger Games right now.

So here's the vid. It's about 6 minutes long.

Now before you Modern Sonic lovers scream at me, I would like to say that if you want to put your opinions on The Hunger Games film (as that was the question of this week), post your opinion in the comment section on the YouTube page, rather than here. If you don't have a YouTube account and channel, then you can just comment here. But if you have an account and channel, post your opinion on the YouTube page. You YouTube people can post your comment here as well, just make sure you post them on the YouTube page too. I've repeated myself on that like 5 times now and you probably get the clear picture, so you Modern Sonic fans can now scream at me. This time I won't necessarily scream back unless you're really actually wanting to pick a fight.
UPDATE: So, I actually went to go see The Hunger Games (my friend ironically invited to see it with him at 10:30pm (and it went on for 2 and a half hours, I believe, long movie).
I think the film is magnificent, to be honest. I mean, it most certainly is a dark film, with people my age just killing each other. There also were some wounds in the film that were rather graphic.
My only issue with the film was the camera man shook the camera a little too much on some shots (but it's just my personal opinion). I like rough-taken shots where you are just holding the camera and it isn't stabilized or smooth or anything. But some of the shots were so shaky I could barely make out what was going on. Again, just my personal opinion.
Overall, though, this film was great.