This is related to Sonic, therefore, I have every right to post this.

Anyways, my cousin and I finished that new Sonic Powerup! video that some of you have been waiting for (some of you...). If you haven't seen the previous ones, watch them.

As for the new one, there are a few things that we didn't do that I wanted to do, so we might make a sequel. But this one is still pretty good, so tell me what you think. Comment below. And if you want (and have a YouTube account), comment and subscribe on YouTube.

Here's the vid:

Hope you like it!

Also, I want to remind everyone that Sonic Remixes Wiki is now up and running again, as there are quite a few people working there. If you would like to contribute, please do. Check this blog to see rules and how you can help. Please read the rules, as they will be very helpful. I don't like correcting some of the things you guys screw up on that never could've happened if you had read the rules.