Ok well I've been sort of bored lately and haven't found anything interesting and/or new about Sonic, so I decided I would start a Top 10 series of my favorite top 10 things of whatever specific series or things I want to talk about.

Every Sunday I will do a new one... I know it's Monday but it just seems to be easy to do one right now but in the future doing a blog post on Monday is not easy noting how busy I mostly am.

Anyways, I thought, to start off my Top 10 here at SNN, I would start with an obvious one that would seem easy enough to start off with: Best Sonic Games. But, due to some issues with trying to pick best Sonic games as there are so many horrible ones these days, having to pick the best of all generations, I ended up with 9, not 10. So here we go...


#9. Sonic 3D Blast

Although this game is extremely stupid due to the dumb flickies you have collect (would've been so much better if you didn't have to get those stupid birds), the game's Special Stages are extremely fun whether you're playing the Genesis or Saturn version.

And the stages are actually much fun, and would be so much better if those dumb birds weren't in the way.

A huge advantage of this game though (which is one of the reasons this game has made it to my Top 10) is that the music (at least in the Saturn version) is absolutely outstanding and by far the greatest Sonic soundtrack there ever was. Even the Genesis version of the music is fun to listen to.

So, overall, this game sorta failed, but the stages weren't all that bad and the music saved it from being in my Top 30 instead.

#8. Sonic Unleashed

This game is in my Top 10 because graphically, this game was amazing. But obviously, that's not the only reason I love this game. Graphics is certainly not the most important thing.

This game is also entertaining because the Day Stages with Sonic the Hedgehog are extremely fun. The reason being is because it was the first time I played a Sonic game and felt I was actually going the speed of sound (because SEGA said that Sonic can run faster than the speed of sound) without going so fast you are constantly running into walls (unless you are a person who is not so good at speed games and do not naturally have fast reflexes and such...).

The game also is a lot longer than most Sonic games, which is great, because I love long games that last me a while so I'm not beating the game in within a week, only playing about an hour a day if not less.

Every single stage is entertaining and fun somehow, and probably one of the best Sonic games from the Modern generation.

Another great advantage of this game is the music. Music-wise, this is a great game, as I love every single track from the game. Musically, this game's soundtrack is one you must listen to.

But of course, there are big disadvantages in this game as well. Although it is fun to slow down as the Werehog at times and beat the crap out of Dark Gaia demon dudes, the Night Stages with the Werehog seem to overtake the Day Stages, as there are too many Night Stages and not enough Speed/Day Stages.

Also, graphically, the Night Stages are not as amazing and beautiful as the Day Stages, which is another disadvantage of the Night Stages.

Another disadvantage of this game is there is absolutely NO multiplayer of any sort in this game. This game is pure one player game. So, if you want to play a good Sonic game with your friends, I recommend you do NOT get this game, as it is totally a game for someone playing alone.

Overall though, this game is pretty great, having some of my favorite graphics in a Sonic game (so far) and consisting of some great Day Stages...

...but Werehog sucks...

#7. Sonic & Knuckles

When I say Sonic & Knuckles, I'm not including Sonic 3. I'm just talking about Sonic & Knuckles. Period.

This game is extremely fun, with great stages that were graphically amazing for its time back in 1994 (up until stuff like the PlayStation released).

The game was almost like a "first try," because it was pretty much the first time the company tried making a game with more than one character's story, making it where you can practically play the game from two view points. This came back in games like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. So, pretty much, this game was cool because you got to play as Sonic in his story, and then you could also play as Knuckles in his own story as well.

Although this game is sort of hard, that's what makes it all the more fun. Mushroom Hill Zone was a great stage, and even though it was an old game, the graphics still stood out and made me feel like I was actually in a beautiful forest filled with big mushrooms. Flying Battery Zone was no exception, as it made be feel as if I was flying and there was a strong wind blowing. The changes in both stages are cool (ex. in Flying Battery Zone you swap from inside the ship to the outside of the ship a lot, and in Mushroom Hill Zone you go to the other side of the forest and things change a bit).

The music is catchy too, and lots of times I get the songs stuck in my head! They are unforgettable songs, noticing that I'm able to think up the melody of both tunes pretty easily right now without even having to listen to even a smidge of the song.

I love the special things that Knuckles can do in this game, just like he was able to do in later games (glide, climb on walls, etc.). Overall, this game is really good and quite fun. No big disadvantages, but I still put this in as #8 of my Top 10.

#6. Sonic Heroes

Considered the first game in the Modern generation, Sonic Heroes was probably the best Sonic game of the Modern generation at that.

Although very similar to Sonic Adventure 2, there is one big difference we'll never forget which is why this game is set apart from the other Sonic games; Sonic Heroes is the one game where there 3 characters are being played as once, and none get left behind (ex. of getting left behind... Tails in Sonic 2).

Each character has a certain ability which must be used at a certain part of a level to get past that part. And example would be that there is a huge gap that Team Sonic needs to get across. Tails, the flying character, can use his flying abilities with his two tails to get across the big gap. Or maybe Knuckles, the power character needs to get rid of some big obstacles in the way that Sonic and Tails can't.

Another fun thing about this game is that characters are constantly saying things about past memories that, if you have played earlier games before then, would probably make you laugh or at least just notice that they were talking about something that was really from events in past games. An example would be when Team Sonic is in a big forest and they see a giant mushroom. Tails says, "That's a big mushroom!" (or something like that) and then Knuckles says, "We had really big mushrooms, but nothing THIS big" (or something similar to that). Knuckles is talking about Mushroom Hill Zone from Sonic & Knuckles about 10 years earlier.

The music in this game reminds me of music from Sonic Adventure 2, and that is a compliment.

I also love that Metal Sonic returned as the main villian.

I just don't like that you have to get all the Chaos Emeralds from all the Special Stages in order to play the final part of the story thing. That didn't happen in previous Sonic games like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. All you had to do was beat all the stories and then you were ready to move on to the final part of the story part. That just annoyed me in this game that it couldn't be that way.

And also, I hate that I HAVE to play as Team Rose in this game (Amy Rose, Big the Cat, Cream the Rabbit) in order to get that final story part anyways. Ugh! That Team is so retarded... literally...

#5. Sonic 3

Oh yes. How could you leave this sexy game out?

Sonic 3 certainly must be on the list of Top 9, not just because I love this game so much, but because everyone would kill me if I left it out. It deserves to be at least #6 or #7.

Being much more advanced than the previous 2 games (not including Sonic CD), considering the fact that both music-wise, graphics-wise, and gameplay-wise this is better, the game is much bigger than the previous two, having many more stages, bigger stages, better graphics, and cooler sounding music (even though the music was low quality 8-bit music nowadays are probably 16-bit). But although the music was low quality, just like Sonic & Knuckles, this game's music is catchy, and probably would've been amazing music if it was recorded today.

I also love that now, Tails can pick up Sonic and fly with Sonic (unless there's some way you are able to do it in Sonic 2 and I just didn't notice).

Also, the bosses are fun to beat, and Knuckles is hilarious, always doing something to keep Sonic away and annoyed (even though it probably is no fun to Sonic).

There is a multiplayer mode where you can race with your friend or whatever, and the multiplayer is actually pretty fun! So, this game certainly is a game you can play with friends and enjoy!

But there is one big disadvantage of this game, and it is known to be one of if not the biggest a-hole in Sonic history... and that is... The Barrel of Doom. That piece of s**t took me the whole day to figure out how to do it... no wait... not even that... I think I gave up...

#4. Sonic 2

Again, how could you leave a game like this out of the Top 9?? Can't. You can't leave it out. And, just to prove that this game deserves a place higher than Sonic 3 even more, Sonic 2 was the best-selling game for the Genesis. That, dude, is what makes this game worthy of #4 on my Top 9.

But that's not the only reason this game is worthy of #4. It was extremely entertaining just to watch... not even to play, and if you wanted to play... just pick up the second controller and be Tails (the one disadvantage of Tails is he's slow and is always trying to keep up with Sonic in the game... but he's great for helping defeat bosses)!

Also, like Sonic 3, this game has multiplayer mode, and is just as fun as Sonic 3 to compete with your friend.

This game also has more stages than its previous game in the line of Sonic games, Sonic the Hedgehog, and also has 2 acts instead of 3.

But there is one big disadvantage with this game as well... and that is... Metropolis Zone. This stage is a huge a-hole and doesn't know when to quit. It's so freakin' long. The enemies in this stage are so ANNOYING and hard to get past. And just to make things worse... there is a 3rd act on this stage, assuring you that you are crap out of luck. Metropolis Zone can go frik itself... dang piece of crap...

#3. Sonic Adventure

Totally being worthy of the #3 spot on my Top 9, this game is an unforgettable moment in Sonic history.

For its time, the graphics were outstanding as well as the sounds, music, story, and most importantly, gameplay. We all know that SEGA/Sonic Team paid really good attention to this game and made sure it was the best it could be.

Sonic Adventure was certainly an adventure, being the most thrilling one yet, and the Adventure Fields will always have a place in my heart (in the part of my heart that adores Sonic).

And the stages? Beautiful. They really gave me the feeling of actually being there. I felt like I was on a beach when playing Emerald Coast, and I felt like I was really in a very windy and breezy place when playing Windy Valley.

And just to make this game even more fun, there are 7 stories. Each one has its own completely different gameplay, and each one somehow connects to the other.

And at the end, Sonic turns into Super Sonic and powns Perfect Chaos and beats the crap out of him, and I want that feeling of "Ok, no more Mr. Nice Guy" when defeating a final boss. I didn't always get that with a Sonic game like I did here.

One of the most annoying things about this game, though, is Big's story. I don't even need to go through that. That one is simple. Big is an idiot. Period.

And then also, although the graphics were good for its time, the animation in the cutscenes failed epically, except the bigger and better cutscenes (like when Chaos turns into Perfect Chaos and the opening intro cutscene... which was very well put together and got everyone excited about playing the game, noting the opening cutscene had a lot of action in it).

But overall, this game certainly deserves #3 on the list.

#2. Sonic Adventure 2

This was one of the first Sonic games I ever played and bought myself and almost beat. So, this game will always be one of the most special Sonic games of mine.

Probably having an even more exciting and thrilling adventure than Sonic Adventure, by my opinion (because in Sonic Adventure, Dr. Eggman wanted to destroy a city; in Sonic Adventure 2, he wanted to destroy the world).

This game certainly took longer to beat (I never even completely finished it but almost did) than Sonic Adventure and so that makes it even more loved by me.

Shadow the Hedgehog was awesome in this game, being his first (and should've been one of his only) appearances, he was certainly a star in this video game.

Unlike previous games where you are the "good guy" (and E-102 Beta's from Sonic Adventure doesn't count because he was still a little too friendly), there is a Hero Side and a Dark Side, and in the Dark Side you obviously get to do more of the evil things, being the bad guys. Both stories, though, are great, and the Chao Garden in this game is way better than it was in Sonic Adventure.

The music I liked better than Sonic Adventure as well.

My biggest issue with this game is that they introduced a pretty sexy character which shouldn't have been introduced to little kids... and we all know who that is... Rouge the Bat. Sometimes you can notice that her breasts move back and forth... and I though Sonic Team took it too far there. They obviously thought that it wasn't that bad to put a sexy bat character in the game. I mean... it could've been worse... but they still took it a little too far.

But, other than that, this game, at least by my opinion, certainly is worthy of the #2 spot in my Top 9.

#1. Sonic 1

Um... is there supposed to be a detailed reason for why this is number 1? No. The first Sonic game was the best, and that's that.

The debuting Sonic game, this game has probably been one of the most addicting Sonic games to me ever. Everything about this game was outstanding.

Stages, music, characters, story, gameplay. And it was graphically one of the best games for its time (compare that game to Super Mario Bros. and you'll get what I'm talking about... even a game that released just a year or something before Sonic 1 didn't beat the graphics of Sonic 1).

Green Hill Zone will always be the most famous Sonic stage in Sonic history, because everything about it took our breath away when we saw it back in 1991 (now, I was born in '97, but I knew what it felt like to play a game like that in '91, because I played a bunch of old classics when I was young and I played N64 games and early GameCube games, which is why I adore classic games so much more because I grew up with them), and, although the music in the stage wasn't as advanced as it was in Sonic 3 and stuff, it certainly was the most catchy tune of any Sonic game stage song.

There is so much more I could talk about, but I have to go now, so I hope you enjoyed my first Top 10 (Top 9 really) in the series, and so long! :-)