I didn't think I'd be posting any other blogs this week, but here I am doing this.

Because my previous blog from yesterday actually had a few people that were interested in this, I'm going to tell everyone about it, since it only had a small section in the previous blog. Now I'm making it the main focus here on this blog.

I created this wiki about a year ago, and I started on it and let everyone know about it, but no one gave a rip for it. Now I've spoke of it again, and people are beginning to listen to the idea now. The wiki is called Sonic Remixes Wiki, and this is the link:

The site is focused only on remixes of Sonic, done both by fans and by people at SEGA. I really thought it was a good idea, but no one paid attention... until now.

So if you like remixes, know some on YouTube or OverClocked Remix or some other site, contribute, add pages with either download links or videos, and maybe this wiki will end up in a cool spot on the Wikia map.

Just a few rules:

  • Make sure to italicize the game titles
  • Link all stages and game titles and such to pages here on this wiki
  • Always give links to download the song or put a video on the page (really important)
  • Good grammar (this is a really important one as well)
  • Information about the song should be added (it can be brief)
  • Name and (if possible) link the artist(s) who did the remix
  • Comment on pages! Talk pages were set up to be comments at the bottom of the page. (optional)
  • Have fun!

I hope I'm not forgetting anything...

Anyways, hopefully I'll see some of you over there. Caricon and PKMN have already done a couple things there.