Today, I decided to post a blog about Sonic and Mario and comparing soundtracks, and see who wins each game soundtrack battle. Now, for the most part, Sonic would probably win this battle. But if you were to think about it, Mario's soundtracks may not sound great, but the songwriting of each song is worth listening to, and gives both Sonic and Mario a good battle here. Please note this is my opinion and that you do not need to debate over it.

Super Mario Bros. and Sonic 1

The first games in the series (with the exception of Mario Bros. for Mario) for both, both games were extremely successful, and their soundtrack made it all the more special. So let's check out some soundtrack battles here.

Super Mario Bros. Theme and Green Hill Zone

Now, I'm sure for the most part Sonic 1's songs are much "cooler" and sounds much better (considering the fact the game was released on a better system than Super Mario Bros. was) than Super Mario Bros.'s soundtrack, but just take a look...

thumb|300px|right|Super Mario Bros. Theme

thumb|300px|right|Green Hill Zone.

Now, lots of us would probably say Green Hill Zone, especially because of the fact many of you love Sonic and don't like Mario. But if you were to forget about the sound quality and forget that you hate Mario and really thought about the way the song was written, you might be surprised.

The Super Mario Bros. Theme is a tune that practically everyone knows, and one of the reasons is because it has a brilliant and catchy melody, along with two other notes being played, creating a pretty well written chord progression as well. To add on to it (and this does go for Green Hill Zone too, very much so in this case), this song has been remixed by everyone and their dog more times than we could ever count.

Green Hill Zone is a great song, and for its time, very good sound quality, but that doesn't always make it a great song. Nevertheless though, this song is great, so don't get me wrong. The problem is just that the song isn't as catchy, unfortunately. The song is catchy, but doesn't beat the Super Mario Bros. Theme as far as a catchy tune goes. Green Hill Zone is still a song that any Sonic lover, if not just any Classic Gamer will never forget.

This concludes this fight, and I think you know who wins this fight reading my opinion. Yes, the Super Mario Bros. Theme wins this soundtrack fight.

Underground Theme and Marble Zone

The majority of us know both of these songs, I believe. Yes, now we head underground, and to some ruins.

thumb|300px|right|Underground Theme.


Now, we all recognize the Underground Theme, and we should all recognize Marble Zone (since this is where all the people that like Sonic on Wikia hang out, I guess). So then, let's dig in a little further.

The Underground Theme is very catchy, just like the Super Mario Bros. Theme. Of course, the sound quality's horrible, because this was on the NES.

And then we go to Marble Zone. Much more happening in this song, and it has more a tune and melody than Underground Theme does. To add on to that, it, of course, has better sound quality. So then, we have a winner...

Marble Zone. That was a simple fight.

Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure

Both of these games were the the first official 3D release of their series. Although Mario had a game called Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and Sonic had something ever so slightly similar, Sonic 3D Blast, neither of these were officially their first 3D games. Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure were their firsts. So then, let's have a few fights with songs in the album.

Princess Peach's Castle and Station Square

Indeed. The starting point for both games, let's look further into these songs to see who will win this match.

thumb|300px|right|Princess Peach's Castle.


Peach's Castle's Music is unforgettable if you've played Super Mario 64, and just reminds me of my childhood whenever I play it. It is very joyful and fitting. But, the song easily becomes repetitive, much like the Underground Theme.

Station Square's Music is also unforgettable for those that remember it when playing it as a child, and the song is another joyful type of song, yet it isn't actually as fitting as Peach's Castle's Music was. Although this, it isn't very repetive like Peach's Castle's Music can be.

The winner of this match is... Station Square. Although this was a harder decision due to the fact there are some issues with both songs, Station Square wins this round anyways.

Koopa's Road and Egg Carrier

Aaah. Two songs we think about when someone speaks the name of Super Mario 64 or Sonic Adventure, if we remember the adventures we had in these perilous areas. Let's take a look at the songs of the two...

thumb|300px|right|Koopa's Road.


Koopa's Road's Music has got the feeling of excitement and the "this-is-it" type of feeling. It is indeed quite a ride, and the music just gives the stage even more "Mfph." This song I will always remember for scaring the crap out of me. :-D

Egg Carrier's Music gives me the feeling of "speed up, speed up, let's go go go, we have no time to waste" type of feeling, but doesn't really give strong emotion and, once again, "Mfph" to the stage. It is a pretty catchy song (not as catchy as Koopa's Road, though), and has good sound quality compared to Koopa's Road, but still doesn't work and give the same feeling that Koopa's Road did.

Therefore, Koopa's Road's Music wins this battle. To add on to this, there was a remix done for Super Mario Galaxy 2 that is even more amazing, now that they were able to record a real orchestra.

thumb|300px|right|Koopa's Road SMG2 Remix.

Super Mario Sunshine and Sonic Adventure 2

Both sequels to their previous games (Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure), these two games had some good songs too. Let's just look at two that actually sound sort of similar. These two songs do not define the music in the game, though, as both of these songs actually aren't that good.

Bianco Hills and Chao Kindergarten

Both songs sound sort of similar, but I'm simply going to say which one won...

Bianco Hills. It is much more catchy and doesn't sound as stupid as Chao Kindergarten did (which was what it was supposed to sound like in the first place, so don't think I meant to say SA2's music was stupid), but of course, both of them still sounded similar.

Super Mario Sunshine and Sonic Heroes

Only 2 years apart from each other, these two games sure could have a battle. Let's look further into this fight, shall we?

Delfino Plaza and Seaside Hill

Both songs for tropical, vacation related areas, let's see who will win this fight, as far as my opinion goes.

thumb|300px|right|Delfino Plaza
Ah, the music I remember. Remembering just running around in Delfino Plaza, hearing what was mostly a guitar song, with your occasional accordion. Which was great, but sort of the disadvantage as well. I mean, after a while, I get bored of listening to fake acoustic guitars repeating a tune over and over again. The tune was catchy, like most other Mario tunes, but I'm just not digging it like I have with other Mario songs.

Oooh. I have great memories of this one. I remember hating this game at first but finally buying the game and loving it. And, much like Delfino Plaza, is one of the first areas you encounter. Having tropical environment, just like Delfino Plaza, this song always reminds me of playing as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles for the first time. Although it is two years newer than Super Mario Sunshine, the game was made on the same system (GameCube, although Sonic Heroes did appear on other consoles as well), so it's fair and square to do this battle. Although Seaside Hill probably isn't as catchy of a tune and as easy to get stuck in my head, the song is much cooler (as we would expect), has many different instruments and parts, isn't just a fake acoustic guitar, and yes, it won this match.

Seaside Hill wins the match against Delfino Plaza.

Battle request by Bionicleboy3000.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Sonic Colors

Now we get to the point where people began to use real orchestras for their game soundtrack. And this is when video game music became outstandingly good. If you can get a real orchestra in a game, with an amazing composer, you have yourself a perfect game soundtrack. I don't know who started it, but for both Sonic Colors and Sonic Unleashed, as well as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, there have been plenty of songs in the game that have a real orchestra in them. Let's take a good look...

Sky Station Galaxy and Sonic Colors Theme

Phew, this is a tough call...

thumb|300px|right|Sonic Colors Orchrestral Theme.
Now, you would probably immediately listen to this and think Well duh this is amazing this one obviously wins. But check out this extremely heavy competition here...

thumb|300px|right|Sky Station Galaxy.
Holy crap, I think you just listened to what could be the two best songs from a video game soundtrack I've ever heard. And I can't choose. Gaw this is too hard!

I listen to the Sonic Colors theme and all I'm thinking is... "This is it. I'm going to beat this game." Of course, the game isn't so great. But the soundtrack? We know Sonic never fails to give us a good soundtrack. No matter how crappy the game is, he never fails to give us a good soundtrack.

But then uh-oh. For the first time I'm playing a Mario game where the soundtrack might have just told Sonic, "Not so fast, dude." Super Mario Galaxy 2 just proved that Mario can have just as great of a soundtrack as Sonic without having to pull off the kickbutt rock music. I think the music for Sonic just met its match.

I can't choose! Ugh! But guess which one I came down to?... Sky Station Galaxy. The song, when playing the game stage, gave me an extremely good feeling, telling me pretty much the same thing the Sonic Colors theme gave me... This is the beginning of the adventure, and I will pown in this game! Not only that, but although both songs gave me some pretty good chills down my spine, Sky Station Galaxy probably gave me stronger ones. Don't think that Sky Station Galaxy won by too much, it was an extremely close call.

Egg Nega Wisp Phase 1 and SMG2 Final Boss

These were both very hard decisions as well.

thumb|300px|right|Egg Nega Wisp Phase 1.

thumb|300px|right|SMG2 Final Boss.

Ok, I went through and through with it. I listened to both of them. But once again, SMG2 wins this thing. It once again gave me stronger chills than Sonic Colors's final boss did. Sorry folks. It was a hard decision, but it finally came down to SMG2's final boss.

Soundtrack battle request by CariconCommander

Flip-Swap Galaxy and Terminal Velocity

Oh yes. We're about to go cool. Way cool. Both songs are actually quite different from each other, but are both for hard stages (sort of).

thumb|300px|right|Flip-Swap Galaxy
I'm sorry, Mario? Mario just pulled some kickbutt music right there and told Sonic "It's on!" But what do we have here? Is Sonic doing a comeback?

Heck yeah!! Sonic Colors, for the most part, might have had some music that took it a different route for once, but the moment I listened to this song and I knew that the type of music of Sonic Adventure had returned. This by far owns Mario's try to do some cool music. Sorry, Mario, but that type of Music doesn't work for you I guess. Stick to the orchestra. That's your advantage.

More soundtrack battles will be coming. You can request a soundtrack battle! I'll put my opinion on it, and you can say which one you would've picked (there will be no debating whatsoever over someone else's opinion). If I put your request up, your name will be credited.