Read my previous user blog about an unreleased Sonic skateboarding game that was going to be made for the XBox.

Most people are guessing that this was an early pitch demo for the game we all know of as Sonic Riders. Although many are thinking this may be "homebrewed," but there are likely chances it isn't, after doing more research on it. The demo was found on an XDK unit making it more likely that it was not "homebrewed." Somebody was pointing out that it might have been called Sonic Extreme Racing in early development.

The goal of the missions is to get a key and then open a lock. That ends the misson. The person who played this game said he/she had gotten to mission 1 or 2 but then it froze and went back to the menu screen... hmmm... glitch maybe? Or is the player doing something wrong? Anyways, it is still pretty dang cool.

Then the combat is a small area with 4 sub-zones. There are 4 keys, 1 for each zone. There are grenades, firecrackers, homing rockets and mines that can be picked up and used against the other player or to destory crates. Also pressing the R and L triggers at the same time moves both players back to the middle of the level- not effecting key earned or boxes destoryed. The player apparently couldn't figure out a way to win/lose/leave without quitting.

Then there is the race level. It feels a lot like Sonic Adventure 2: Battle the first level. You go around a seemingly never-ending track, then when you finish it boots you to the game screen.

The player was able to access the hard drive from his/her computer, and said that, "the game has 3 videos that don't seem to be used yet. One is a 'you win', a 'you lose' and the clown for Vision Scape Interactive (which seems to be the studio responsible for this demo of a game)."

And now check out this new video he downloaded onto YouTube 3 days ago, being in slightly higher definition:

thumb|500px|right|This is a race between Shadow and Sonic.

According to the person who recorded this video, the speed is incorrect due to issues videoing the game. But you still get the idea.

And then check out this "Battle Arena" stage video. Pretty cool as well.

thumb|right|500px|Shadow is the one being played here. If you listen real closely, they used the Pumpkin Hill music.

More info was found by this person, who found someone on on TSSZ news by a user named "gamergirl" who posted:

"Time to solve the mystery for everyone…. Vision Scape Interactive, Inc. dba Heavy Water provided Sega with the Sonic Heroes cinematics. At that time, the studio was also in development on a few “skateboard” type games (yes, using the same Tonk Hawk influenced controls)… the Chief Creative/President, Matt McDonald, had a “brilliant” idea and created the demo of Sonic Extreme (Sonic and friends on a Hoverboard) in hopes that Sega would move forward with the game… Apparently, they loved it so much, they created Sonic Riders internally without the VSI's involvement"

So far, this is the person's ("ProtonX" is his username apparently) conclusion on the blog post:

"From what I have personally seen with the games on the system and in doing some research of the company, this is the most correct theory I have heard.

Either way, from looking at the files, I can confirm that VSI played a role in its development.

Just to let you know, VSI is "Vision Scape Interactive, Inc."

Stay tuned for more updates.