Welp, everybody, it's been about 4 years since I joined SNN, back on September 30, 2008, and I'm done. I've had my fun here.

Yes, guys, that d*ck you all remember who hated you because you thought Sonic '06 was cool, insulted people, got banned twice, and got demoted twice, is actually leaving. I expect the majority of you are probably relieved. I still think you are crazy if you think Sonic '06 is any good in any way, but whatever, I'll respect your opinion.

I have only around 850 mainspace edits (the rest are all blog comments, I bet; half of them probably being me making hate comments), though most of these edits were rather useful. I created many pages, including all the stages for Sonic Riders, the cancelled game Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme, along with many others. You probably don't care about that; I'm trying to find one thing I did at SNN that I can brag about. xD

I guess 4 years just seemed enough for me. I don't even get on all that often anymore, making a tiny fix to a page or commenting on something, but I just am not on SNN all that much anymore.

Why? Well, for one, I'm just done. I'm done with SNN. But other reasons include the fact I've been very busy with other things and I have a life (lol; this isn't to say no one here has a life... I just am saying that I'm not on this very often just because I do have many other things to do).

What are these "things", I'm busy with, you ask? First of all, I have school and you know, being a sophomore and all, the higher the grade, the more homework, right? Mostly the case. But I also have "hobbies" (which are more of things I really commit myself to doing--one of these hobbies will end up being my career, I'm 98% sure). I know I've advertised on this situation before. I do not want this blog to also look like I'm advertising myself as a way of getting attention (though I bet that's what I'm doing).

I record music. I've got my own little studio and I do music. I have a record on iTunes, CDBaby, and many other online stores. iTunes: here. CDBaby: here. If you want to buy it on another store, it's most likely there, so just search up "garrett williamson edge of the universe". I also have an official YouTube channel for my music (which has gone no where yet because it's brand new, but there are a couple of free listens to a couple of songs on the channel), which is here. I'm also on SoundCloud, so check me out there too.

Along with making my own original stuff, I remix video game music. Yes I do. And I'm planning on putting some of it on my gwilliamsonofficial YouTube channel. Some of it is already on SoundCloud. But guess what site I'm also a part of? OverClocked ReMix, the biggest video game remix site online. My remixer name there is "G-Mixer", so try finding me in the forums. Currently, I'm hoping for some of my remixes to get accepted and posted onto the site. One has already been submitted, but they take months to review it, so it may not have any feedback for a while.

I do film and acting as well, normally over YouTube (because that's the easiest way to show people my stuff as of right now). I have a full-on section below about that, so check that out.

I do art, though most of it can't be found over the internet. I am starting up a drawing tutorial series over YouTube, so again, check out the section below.


So, I've directed your attention to this section. Let me tell you what has been keeping me really busy and probably the biggest reason I haven't been on SNN or will be on SNN anymore.

Back about a year ago, me and my cousin decided we were going to start the attempt of being YouTubers, and YouTube partners. We had no clue how long this would take (and we are still in the process of getting there), but we went for it. So we created the channel GCWaves, which you've seen me update with new videos on my user page (since I'm leaving, you won't have to deal with that annoyance anymore xD).

Near the end of January this year, I decided I was going to start a new series, called RTTTA (Random Things to Talk About; a show where I talk about things that interest me, old or new). I had no clue if it was going to go anywhere, as I was only doing shorts at the time, and nothing that was even relatively close to blogging, talk show, news, or anything like that. I was amazed because it actually got pretty far and gained us a good 30+ more subscribers within 9 months, which is crazy because we came out of no where and didn't expect anything for at least a year if not more. The series, of course, is still going, and a new one is posted every Saturday.

I also do shorts, as I mentioned, and I am going to start up drawing tutorials, as I have already done one, on Mario. I'm planning on doing Sonic next.




This is the newest one, which was just posted today.



You may be interested in this, since Sonic is in the video. :D



You may also have interest in this one.


The Video06:03

The Video

Possibly my favorite short I've done. I felt very satisfied with it. ;)

Stache Cop06:58

Stache Cop

This one is hilarious. It features JosiahClark, who does Let's Plays through a channel called HerrinPlays (he used to be blinkkandyoumissit), and he also does shorts and other vlogs through two other channels. Check him out as well.

You Wanted a Short?01:01

You Wanted a Short?

Best short ever.

Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic02:39

Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic

Possibly the worst video I've ever done. But it completely revolves around Sonic, and has nearly 400 views, so maybe you wanna see it. Watch at your own risk, though. xD


This just started, and there really isn't anything except for a Mario drawing tutorial I posted about a month ago, but I'm planning on doing a drawing tutorial for Sonic, so check this out anyway.

Drawing Mario's Portrait04:05

Drawing Mario's Portrait


So there you have it. That is only a small portion of the stuff we've done. Chase, my cousin, is not seen in like any of these videos except for "You Wanted a Short?" And why? Because he's a lazy bum and won't post anything. xD

So please, if you enjoy this stuff, please subscribe. Join the Wave. That's our little community of 45 people. ;)


So yeah, went on talking for a while there, and if you seriously read this whole thing, you can edit my userpage and add yourself to my friends list (I don't have one haha).

I know this seems like I'm self-advertising myself, but honestly, I am showing you guys this so you know what's going on with me and why I'm leaving and stuff. I want you guys to still check out my stuff and see what I'm up to. :D

I am still active as head admin at MarioWiki, so check that place out.

Also, I am not saying I am completely disappearing off the face of this site forever and ever. I may still come back and say hi for a few minutes or make a tiny edit or something, and you can still message me on my talkpage and I'll probably get back to you, since I am still, overall, on Wikia, just not on this specific wiki.

So yeah. Goodbye, SNN. It's been fun being with you. Thanks for the fun times, even though I was a jerk for the past couple of years. :)