So, I've been replaying The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and I noticed a lot of similarities to Sonic Unleashed. Oh, yeah, spoilers (duh).

  1. Both of the games' main proatogonists transform into a wolf-like beast. In both cases, it's due to the power of the main villan.
  2. Both of the villan's goal is to destroy light.
  3. Both of the main heroes are accomponied by a small creature. In Sonic's case, it's Chip. In Link's case, it's Midna.
  4. Both of said creatures transform into a beast near the end of the game using relics. For Chip, it's the Chaos Emeralds. For Midna, it's the Fused Shadows. In both cases, it's to destroy a shield.
  5. Both Midna and Chip use the same power as the villan. For Chip, it's Gaia energy. For Midna, it's Twilight powers.
  6. Both Midna and Chip can make objects levitate.
  7. At the ends of their respective games, Midna and Chip both intentionally make sure that the main hero will be unable to see them again.
  8. Both Twilight Princess' and Sonic Unleashed's final boss have more than one form.
  9. Their boxarts both have both wolf and normal forms connected to eachother.
  10. They both have Forest stages (Jungle Joyride and Forest Temple), Ice stages (Holaska and Snowpeak Ruins), Desert stages (Shamar and Arbiters Grounds), and Lava stages (Eggmanland and Goron Mines).

That ended up more like a list of how Midna and Chip are similar, but whatever. If you noticed any more similarities, feel free to post a comment.