Hello I'm RazorBlade453. My Real Name is Tai-je (weird name). I have Been A sonic fan since 2005 when i went over my cousins house for a sleepover. He had a Nintendo Gamecube

[1]Sonic Adventure 2 BattleWith Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Sadly, he did not have a memory card, and we did not have 2 controllers. Also, we were horrible at treasure hunting, son the only enjoyment we got was City Escape and Iron Gate. And we enjoyed those two stages very much. I Later got my mom to get me my on copy, and i loved it.

Later I bought other sonic games like Sonic Advence 3, Sonic Mega Collection, and Sonic Heroes. I Love Sonic Heroes so much. It is my favorite Sonic Game ever.

I could go on and on about my history with Sonic, but my time on this wiki will let out all my info. For now , i just wish to have a great time on this web site.