• RexHog

    Hello SNN The time has come for me, and I will stop using SNN. I know I have said this before, but this time I'll deactivate so I dont come back.

    Unlike most of my blogs this isnt angry, hateful or self pitiful I just wanna say Im sorry for all the stupid things Ive done. I know some of you might say "Stay, we forgive you" but i cant forgive myself and even if I do, it wont be the same with such a foul history on snn, so its my choice and im willingfully leaving this webiste because I just cant seem to use it properly

    So some may still hate my and I cant blame, this aint my website, but I just wanna tell everyone to

    • Always forgive as long as you feel there is a chance
    • Accept users for who they are
    • Dont judge a user for who they are and if it h…

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  • RexHog

    Some things are bugging me:

    • Who changed the Wiki Background? It's bad, sharp, low quality and no one is caring. SonicDude must have because he has the tendency to do whatever the heck he wants. I want it changed. Go to the Christmas forum, Slug-Drones made a really nice, much more festive and HQ one
    • Why isnt anyone doing anything about SonicDude? He is doing whatever he wants, and if someone voices his opinion, he claims their opinion is factually wrong
    • Why are so many things changing? Every since this Bullet Francisco came back, I'm seeing change after change after change, and quite frankly, these changes don't really need to happen. Are you just filling your abscense, trying to look important? Does the wiki really need everything re-improvi…
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  • RexHog

    So ShadowUnleashed was a very popular user a while back. Like, the main of everything, or a lot of things. he was very busy and i almost considered him as a head of the wiki. Until Sacor

    Hes not here anymore. Did he leave because of hate? Why did people hate him? He was really nice.

    Ive seen Flare, Bullet and Pac leave saying they hated him. Was he hiding something? Is he actually hiddenly bad? Or are these users jealous because he was just good, and didnt show his bad side like many here.

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  • RexHog

    Whats up with snn's top users of the chat?

    They have a REALLY BIG EGO which is super annoying, and goes unnoticed.

    Users like Time Biter Grave SonicDude, they are all rude, they dont pay any homage to anyone BUT their friends yet have such a high ranking on here. I complained about Grave but it went unnoticed. If someone complained about me, id be under fire.

    Its some biased sh*t really. Just because they are popular? They a re selfish. Why can't they be more true to their title or more like Metal?

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  • RexHog

    This is it

    November 15, 2014 by RexHog

    I'm sick of everyone treating me as an idiot, a low life, and a parasite

    To erase everyones impression that I'm some over-emotional troll who means nothing, this is it. I have kept MY FACE as MY AVATAR.


    I have a face, a life and feelings.

    Peace out.

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