Hello SNN The time has come for me, and I will stop using SNN. I know I have said this before, but this time I'll deactivate so I dont come back.

Unlike most of my blogs this isnt angry, hateful or self pitiful I just wanna say Im sorry for all the stupid things Ive done. I know some of you might say "Stay, we forgive you" but i cant forgive myself and even if I do, it wont be the same with such a foul history on snn, so its my choice and im willingfully leaving this webiste because I just cant seem to use it properly

Final message

So some may still hate my and I cant blame, this aint my website, but I just wanna tell everyone to

  • Always forgive as long as you feel there is a chance
  • Accept users for who they are
  • Dont judge a user for who they are and if it happens so, get to know them better
  • This wiki isnt as bad as most users may think it is because they could be caught in their own beliefe, so users who feel judged, stand up for yourself, you're fine the way you are
  • And dont try to be anyone but you

I wanna thank Sacorguy: My partner, my friend, you're a great person who has really helped me through my hard times here. you're the best, really, i couldnt ask for more

MetalMickey: for being honest and forgiving towards me, he's great

And you know what, everyone else with Murphyshane, BlueSpeeder, SonicDude etc.

I know I may still have problems, which is a main reason why Im just letting go and im happy doing so.