Some things are bugging me:

  • Who changed the Wiki Background? It's bad, sharp, low quality and no one is caring. SonicDude must have because he has the tendency to do whatever the heck he wants. I want it changed. Go to the Christmas forum, Slug-Drones made a really nice, much more festive and HQ one
  • Why isnt anyone doing anything about SonicDude? He is doing whatever he wants, and if someone voices his opinion, he claims their opinion is factually wrong
  • Why are so many things changing? Every since this Bullet Francisco came back, I'm seeing change after change after change, and quite frankly, these changes don't really need to happen. Are you just filling your abscense, trying to look important? Does the wiki really need everything re-improvised? No, it seems trying to hard to me
  • Why are some admins, not naming, turning out to be a little jerky? With those whole group of "only these admins know what to do"
  • Why are we losing good rights like Sacor and Geeky, who gave up their rights?