hey again, great community. today im doing my third user blog about users... yeah. so today it about the admins. ill give a bunch of questions below and the admins are to answer in the comments :D


  • 1. Which user do you think is the hard working helper?
  • 2. Favorite Rollback?
  • 3. User whom you think is inspirational?
  • 4. User whom you think is pretty cool?
  • 5. User whom you think needs some fixing up?
  • 6. What is your choice if you could add a Wiki feature?
  • 7. Underrated User?
  • 8. Overrated User?
  • 9. Do you want a project that the Whole helping SNN should participate in, if yeah then what?
  • 10. User who will become admin soon enough
  • 11. Favorite Sonic quote
  • 12. Why Sonic is your favorite?
  • 13. Things that bug you about Sonic?

CHOW RexHog 16:23, June 12, 2012 (UTC)