With the rising fame and stardom of Zero, I thought it was a stupid idea not to include him in. I mean, isn't Zero suppose to be like the Shadow of the Megaman franchise or somethin?

With all the new appearences for this guy, one would think that "of course he'll have an appearence, he's Zero" which clearly isn't the case...

I suppose the reason may be because Archie might not have the rights for Zero to make an appearence-- wait, does that make sense?

This is ain't right, this is an ignored character that has become something of a hardcore gaming icon. Ranging from Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds to Project X Zone.

No seriously, Zero is currently tieing with Megaman himself on the fame-rate. So, him not even being mentioned is like blasphemy in front of true believers.

Megaman X Fanimation by Shane Newville07:01

Megaman X Fanimation by Shane Newville