Sonic the Hedgehog

With the power of superspeed, Sonic fights off many evils and as well gives a good laugh towards the target audience. His origins are currently unknown.

Captain America

Captain America

Originally a weak and scrawny human from Brooklyn, a dose of the super-soldier serum changed and upgraded the kid into a legend. Captain America is largely considered one of the greatest Marvel icons in history because of his patriotic standing for the USA.

Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield

(Coincidently) Hailing from NYC, Chris Redfield works for a government organization that handles Bio-Terrorists such as Albert Wesker.

Captain Marvel

Captain Mahr Vehl

Another Marvel character, a captain too. Captain Marvel is an alien from the Kree empire, a race that is at war with the Skrulls. Truthfully, he is a captain of the science devision. Part of his scouting on earth, he manages to give Carol Danvers powers of her own based on Kree energy.


Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

After witnessing the murder of his family, he takes an oath of revenge upon the Templars. Time will never forget him for he is now legend.


The Dark Knight

Batman, after loosing his parents, has also vowed an oath of vengeance. He may not have the powers but he makes up for it with his will and determination to take down evil with his most darkest weapon yet: fear itself.



A once holy knight in search of redemption. He soon wielded the sword "Soul Calibur" to face off against the darkside of himself now known as Nightmare.