Hey there all you cool cats out there. Name's RnR, and I'm here with a blog. This is just a little blog about me chewing the fat about the abilities of certain characters of the Sonic series.  Comment or whatever, this is just something to spend my free time.

As I said befor,e I'm talking about the abilities of various characters. In my opinion, I think SEGA doesn't put Sonic or his friends to their potential. I understand that the characters already have means of defending themselves, but I think that do so much more.

Let me start with just a few to get my beak wet.

Sonicchannel sonic02 nocircle

The Fastest Thing Alive!

1. Sonic The Hedgehog

Lets start with the most well known character. As well all know, Sonic uses his speed to aid him in a fight and SEGA has made good use of it. However, I feel that they placed him within a rutt. Now, one of my favorite abilities of his is the Sonic Wind that was featured in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. However, the ability was placed without being shown how it was performed.

Many people can say that he simply runs around and creates a razor sharp tornadoes. But I have a different method for it. Given his super speed, he could possibly manipulate the air molecules around into a single point, say his hand for instance, and form into the shape of a ball. Then, Sonic would launch it as if he were chucking a rock, hitting his enemies with the force of a hurriance in the face. To make it more versatile, his could shape in the form a massive tornado or a circular wind shot.

This would serve as a good analogue to Knuckle's Thunder Arrow or Shadow's Chaos Spear. He could also form the air around his fists to add more power to them for his Wind-up Punch.

Sonicchannel tails

The fox with a heart of gold.

2. Miles "Tails" Prower

Now Tails is one the many people who I think is in desparate need of a combat overhaul. I understand that he's not as combat heavy as Sonic or Knuckles, but I believe he needs better self defense strategies. In my opinion, SEGA should've kept his arm cannon from Sonic Battle, because I think it's a lot better than his Dummy Rings. His arm cannon could be equipped with his Laser Blaster and Power Blaster from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I feel that he could also make good use of the shields from the seires with a sort of invention.

Given that Tails is more tech savvy, I believe that it would compinsate for him not being the strongest characters in the series.

Sonicchannel knuckles nocircle

Rougher than the rest of them!

3.Knuckles The Echida

There's really not much to go on with Knuckles. Of course, I wish SEGA kept his Thunder Arrow. Since he guards the Master Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds and senses their energies, he should be able to manipulate their energies too. But that's just me.

Of course, if that's not an option, I have another. In Sonic Battle, it has been hinted that he has a connection to elemental earth energies. I believe that this could be put to better use, such as an aura of earthen energy that increases his already incredible strength and allows him to use the earth beneath him a weapon. Plus, it would give him an enviromental advantage over his foes.

Sonicchannel silver

It's no use!

4. Silver The Hedgehog

I was originally going to talk about Shadow, but Silver caught my attention. When it comes to his psychokinetic power, Silver is a cut above the rest. But when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, not so much. That's why I feel that his powers can help. He could be able to surround his body in a personal telekinetic field that increase his physical strength, much like Shadow's Chaos Boost.

And to add to his Psychic Knife, he could shoot his energy in the form of linier bolts and project it as a wide ranged blast like the Chaos Spear and Chaos Blast respectively.

Well, that's basically all I got. And again, these are just tiny little nitpicks of what I think they could do with their skills. I might do another if I feel like it.

Until then,RnR (talk) 01:00, February 11, 2014 (UTC)