"Hey Cris, when we get home, you'll help me with this one level of Spikey, right?" Rylee asked quietly as she tugged on the sleeve of my shirt. I looked over a shelf to see my parents near the counter, about to pay for today's groceries. A man in a red hoodie over his head stood close by. "Yeah,  sure I'll help," I replied. Her mouth eargerly opened in a smile, showing off the blue bands on her braces.

I walked towards the counter, in anticipation of getting something for myself, when I saw the man in the red hoodie flash something metal. "Oh geez," I ran back into the aisle where Rylee stood, looking at some pretzels. "Get down! There is a guy with a gun near here." I whispered to Rylee as she ducked under the shelf. I heard the man yelling about money, which confirmed my fears. When the cashier refused, all I heard was a gunshot. Then two more. My adrenaline rushed and it was hard to stay silent. "Rylee, we are going to make a run for it. I need you to stay calm, and close your eyes," her mouth opened to say something, but was quickly shut. She stood up at full height, which the shelf barely covered, and I grabbed her hand and ran to the door. Maybe the guy wouldn't see us. Maybe he was too busy to notice. But all I know, is that I didn't need Rylee to see what happened.