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  • Roohihi234

    Roohihi234 01:20, January 20, 2012 (UTC)Roo Droken.

    The game isn't half-bad. The glitches and stuff isn't too bad. Yes there might be a lot of them but atleast the game is playable right.

    It's not really disiadable but I say it's pretty good if you don't like playing through glitches get the PS3 version.

    it's finwith me.

    The game is fine. Because the glitches are passable if you restart the game.

    It's okay.

    Eh it's cool.

    I'm not really liker ya' know.

    (To be edited.)

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  • Roohihi234

    Things around here on the wiki are getting confusing so I'm going to see you guys on Community Centreal. If goes black-out see ya until it goes back.

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  • Roohihi234

    You ready, read (Contest - how fast can you read)

    Announcer: The proluge of life of a blue hedgehog from an entirely diffrent planet, who has no friends but his parents on Christmas Island what awaits this hedgehog in the future let's see.

    One day on Christmas Island two hedgehog's 1 male and another female had a baby, they named him Sonic The Hedgehog.

    Now that Sonic is 7 it's time for training. "Let's go to course 1" The dad of Sonic said. So they all went to Course 1. Sonic and his dad met at Course 1 and Sonic started head first. Sonic walljumped, home attacked, and a lot more. "You might just be there just two more courses." Sonic's dad said.

    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Roohihi234

    Happy New Year!!!

    January 1, 2012 by Roohihi234

    Happy New Year folks, I'm sorta late to say Happy New Year's Eve... oh well. Now that it's 2012 we just await the gifts it brings. Shall we get the worst the end Or do we get the best the spirtal rebirth.

    It's weird to find that it's been pretty windy here at Virgina like it was a couple days ago. But as we know it can't be the end spirtal rebirth becasue it don't happen till 23rd/21st of december.

    Anyways bye.

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  • Roohihi234

    Game Basics

    Sonic's Moves:

    Homing Attack

    Spin Dash

    Light Speed Dash

    Light Speed Attack

    Tails's Moves:

    Propeller Flight

    Tails Attack

    Rappid Tails Attack

    Knuckles Moves:

    Punch Attack

    Gliding Jump


    Amys Moves:

    Hammer Attack

    Hammer Jump

    Spin Hammer Attack

    E-102 Gammas Moves:

    Laser Gun


    Big The Cat's Moves:


    Sonic's Adventure

    Emerald Coast:

    Mission 1: Reach Tails -

    Mission 2: Collect 50 Rings -

    Mission 3: 2:00 Run -

    Windy Valley:

    Mission 1: Chaos Emreald -

    Mission 2: Collect 50 Rings -

    Mission 3: 2:30 Run -

    WILL BE COMPLETED HOCKEY GAME TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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