My face hurts because, Sonic The Hedgehog was born on Chirstmas Island, He grew up to be a hero, He got speedy shoes from his-a-mommy, He started running on Green Hill Zone, Chaos Control blasted them to Earth, Sonic had snakes codec, and went to area 91, He had hair from the 70', He then was very shiny, He made Tails and Knuckles and Amy playable, He started copying Mario, Sonic started season 3 of Sonic X, they went in space for no obvious reason, Sonic got bolgy like Jimmy Netroun (twice), He met Shadow, Shaodw's a emo (twice), Then in 2006 he got terribly glitchy, He met Silver and Melphies, Myself123 made amy touch melphies uhh, never mind.then Sonic turned into a werehog and had chochlate craving flying mouse for a few days and nights, Sonic ran in an amusemet park saving aleins called Wisps, Then he met is overweight fat self and died.