This is fan-fic this articiale is all fake.


One day there was this hedgehog who had just been born on Mobius, Green Hill City, Birth Hospital. His mother had named him Roo The Hedgehog. Later on after he had been born he got the ability to walk then run then talk.

He started running a lot then he became the fastest thing alive. He was finnaly 5 his parents finnaly took him to a daycare, where he met Sonic and Tails. "You think your the fastest thing alive" Sonic told Roo. "Yes, and I bet you with a race if I win and you loose I'm the fastest thing alive." Roo said. "And if I win and you loose I'm the fastest thing alive." Sonic said.

They met at the starting line. "You ready bozo." Sonic said. "Yes, but are you." Roo said. "Ye-" Sonic tried to finish. "No your not" Roo said as Tails said GO! Roo started running as Sonic was still standing at the starting line. "Huh" Sonic said. "What just happend" Sonic fell down. As he got up Tails flied beside Sonic. "He just tricked you by confusing you." Tails said with a thrown. "REALLY BUT THAT'S CHEATING" Sonic yelled as he started running as fast as he could. He could not see Roo in his sight. Tails started flying behind Sonic as fast as he could almost running out of breath. "SONIC" Tails shouted to get Sonic's attention. "NOT RIGHT NOW TAILS" Sonic shouted. "DO YOU WANT ME TO FLY UP AND SEE WHERE HE IS" Tails shouted. "FINE NOW SHUT UP" Sonic shouted. Tails flew up in the air. He saw Roo at the finish line. "Wow he's fast" Tails said to himself. Tails flew back down to Sonic. "SONIC HES AT THE FINISH LINE" Tails shouted. "WHAT" Sonic shouted as he fell and starting hitting down on the ground like a barrel in a microblast. Tails flew after sonic. Tails tried to save Sonic but Tails was to late. There was a cliff up ahead. Sonic had bounced so much Tails could not grab him. He bounced off the cliff. He fell for a long time. He hit the ground and nearly got an injurie. Tails flew down the cliff to get him. Tails finnaly found Sonic. "There he is" Tails said to himself. Roo started to wonder where they were. Roo ran back across the racing feild. He then stopped at the cliff. He went to the very tip and looked down. He saw Tails rescuing Sonic. Roo watched them come back up. "How bad is he hurt?" Roo asked. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT" Tails shouted. "MY BEST FRIEND COULD HAVE DIED" Tails was mad at Roo. Roo looked at Tails like he was being dumb right now and shook his head. "What did I do all I did was finish the race he was the one who fell." Roo said. "YOU DON'T GET IT" Tails shouted. Roo still looked at Tails as he was being dumb still shaking his head no. "What did I do to make him fall and almost die again?" Roo said. "Uh, nothing." Tails said. "See." Roo said. "DANG IT" Tails shouted as he flew off with Sonic.

Roo then grew older he turned 18 when Sonic did. So it turned out they both had the same birthday. As they really turned out to be friends. Scrouge then was sent by Melphies. Scrouge was under Melphies curse. A dark portal opened as Roo, Sonic and Tails were enjoying there time. Scrouge then jumped out. "I will kill all 3 of you." Scrouge said. Sonic and Roo jumped back in a fighting pose. "Tails get back." Roo and Sonic said. Tails did not move. "Sonic" Tails said in fear. Scrouge brought Melphies out with him. "I forgot to give you these Scrouge" Melphies said. "Thank you master." Scrouge said. Scrouge took the chaos emrealds. He then shaterd all 7. The ground started shaking. The sky turned cloudy and dark. Scrouge's green color started turning blackish. His eyes started turning blood red. His jacket started tearing apart. Scrouge had turned into Dark Scrouge. The master emreald teleported to him. It shatered and all the peices absored into the peices of the 7 chaos emrealds and made one emreald. It looked like a rainbow till Dark Scrouge and Melphies power turned it black. It then abosred into Dark Scrouge. Scrouges jacket disenagrated from a mighty tear. As scrouge got bigger and looked as if he was in black fire. Then he put his hand up to Tails face. "TAILS MOVE" Roo and Sonic Shouted. Tails was frozen. Dark Scrouge shot a huge mix of Chaos Spear and Chaos Blast into Tails head.

Tails head had blown off as his body got blown from the wind far away from where they were standing. "TAILS" Sonic shouted. "It's okay Sonic" Roo said. "Were doomed" Sonic quietly said to Roo. "I know" Roo queitly said to Sonic. "Is that a quit I hear" Melphies said. "I don't know if I allow that... of course I do I'm myself and I don't allow it." Melphies said. "Great he heard us" Roo said. "I can see that" Sonic said. "Dark Scrouge kill them." Melphies demanded. "Let's do our thing." Roo said. "Yeah" Sonic said thinking it was confuse them by going to one place evreytime they try to hit them. Dark Scrouge went to hit to hit both of them. Sonic ran to another spot. As roo stood there letting it look like Dark Scrouge hit him with both of his fists. Roo cought both of Dark Scrouges fists and then kicked them both at his face making Dark Scrouge knocking Melphies back in the portal with him. Then the portal closed. "Thanks for the help NOT." Roo said. "Hey what was I suposed to do I'm not that stong as my normal self." Sonic said. "Then why are you here." Roo said. Sonic said nothing and left. Roo didn't care at all.