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Fan-Fic Part 2: Dark Scrouge and The Metals

Now Sonic has left Roo's side for now they are no longer friends. Sonic forgetting about Tails dead body, Roo goes on a journy to find it. Roo starts running the derection it got forced pushed to. He soon found it on a hillside. Using his healing powers he had brought Tails back to life. Telling Tails that Sonic was to weak to be friends with Roo, makes Tails start to hate Sonic and make Roo his new best friend.

In central city where the roads are closed off from where G.U.N. tries to find Melphies and Scrouge Sonic trys to join G.U.N. like Shadow, Omega, and Rouge did. Now Sonic had threatend G.U.N. to make him commander. "You see this guy his name is Roo The Hedgehog, DESTROY HIM" Sonic shouted at the G.U.N. Soldeirs

The G.U.N. found Roo. Roo officaly destroyed them and G.U.N. had gave up making Sonic quit wich caused G.U.N. to sese to exist. Then Sonic standing at the top of the hill as Roo staring at him from below the dark portal opens behind Sonic. Causing Dark Scrouge to knock Sonic off the hill injuring him. With Tails watching from the background, Remembers his long friendship with Sonic, Tails saves him. "Now where were we" Roo said. Dark Scrouge looking down at Roo. Roo looked at Dark Scrouge like he could not even touch him. Roo then used telkinisis to make Melphies come to him. I will shater you and destroy you and destroy SCROUGE!!!!" Roo shouted in Melphies face. Roo blows Meplhies head off. disengrading all the shards in his body. Then Roo looks up at Dark Scrouges face. "With as your so called master destroyed I can turn into my superform" Roo yelled at Dark Scrouge. "Even with my master destroyed and your superform you can't defeat me" Dark Scrouge shouted at Roo. "You wanna bet." Roo shouted at Dark Scrouge. Roo turned into Hyper Roo, Roo was flashing in all the rainbow colors including pink. Flying up to Dark Scrouges face hitting him turning him back to normal scrouge breaking the curse finnaly from scrouge landing on the peice that would not disaper of Melphies.

Scrouge then wakes up. "huh what happend HUH WHO ARE YOU?" Scouge said. "YOU KNOW WHO I AM NOW IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE!!!" Roo shouted at Scrouge. "If your speaking in that case then I will kill you." Scrouge said turning into Super Scrouge.