Roo Droken, Roo, Rooh, Droken, or Roohihi234!!!!!!!!!

My name is Roo Droken as in the red says.


My name is Roo Droken as I told you before. My life with Sonic in 1991. I started out in an arcade, wanting

to play what we call Rad Mobile I seemed to notice the cameo of sonic right once I started to play. I looked at it evreytime I came back to that area wondering about the blue hedgehog sitting on top of a building and why choose a blue hedgehog. Then a couple days after I went to the arcade. I was sitting on the couch as I was watching TV I saw a trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog (1991 of course) anyways I saw the trailer and watching it made me really want the game it looked so fun. It's still fun today here at 2011/2012. I bought the game when it came in stores and I started playing right once I got home. I beat Green Hill Zone ACT 1 - 3 to Marble Zone to the last level. I got all chaos emrealds and completed the game 100%.


My name is Roo Droken. Once it was in 1992 I saw

the trailer and noticed Tails. I liked him because he looked cute. So I bought the game once it was selling in stores. I took it staight home and autimaticly put it in my Genesis. I picked up the controler and got ready to enjoy one of the best games knowing about the new charachter. The first time I got a glince of Emreald Hill Zone I was wondering how come they just renamed the level of Green Hill Zone and changed the map a little bit. But there is a lot of things I like about Sonic 2. The fact about Tails first aperance and the better brighting it's easy to tell it's brighter when you look at Green Hill Zone and then look at Emreald Hill Zone. I love to invite friends over though because I get to play 2P with my friends. I'm always Sonic and my friends are always Tails. I've only played Tails once but I like Sonic's gameplay better.


My name is Roo Droken. I saw the Trailer of Sonic 3 seeing an Echinda named Knuckles liking the new charachter. I always liked the color red for a sp-

ecific reason Knuckles the Echinda right, right. On 1993 I like how they made in Sonic 3 Knuckles be a bad guy for a little. But one thing I like is Knuckles is always getting tricked by our evil villian Dr.Robontik. Making Knuckles think Sonic and Tails have the Master Emreald shards when really they have the Chaos Emrealds causing Dr.Robontik to get all 6/7 of them depending on witch year you were born. Knuckles was always so strong but slow I love his strong punches and epic gliding I knew when I saw Sonic 3's trailer and noticed Knuckles, He would be awesome and mysterious like Sonic and Tails. Also though 1993 was when I learned about Sonic comic's From 1993 - 2011/2012 I've loved the Sonic Comic Books featuring Newer charachter's you probaly've never heard of your whole Sonic fan life.a

1993 Part 2

SegaSonic The Hedgehog's release date being in 1993, Sep. In U.S.A. and June 1993 in Japan. Sonic, Ray, and Mighty (a chatoix crew member) all together to fight

off crime of the foolish Dr.Robontik. and other things that the evil sintest had done evily. Trying to make that sound good (Thus failing) thought of a wonderful reason Mighty and Ray is a good idea that SEGA created for there Sonic fans such as me, myself. Playing, Watching, and Reading from 1991 - 2011/2012 I know I've been saying 1991 - 2011/2012 a lot but theres a real reason. But I first should tell you why Ray and Mighty was a good Idea. Ray The Flying Squirel yellow and can fly by far in the comic's he is powerful and lives thus in the future with Sonic and Mighty. Mighty was good because what your about to read in the phartenhases. (The future descriptive Sonic idea was after this ever was invented. Please learn more about future gaming if you don't want spoiler infromation. Mighty was a good idea for The Chaotix Crew/Team would never be full.)


Sonic The Fighters interducing the name of there group Freedom Fighters. There has also been new charachters you may find from the Archie and other Comic's. Naming Bark, Bean, and Fang. (Full Names: Bark the Polar Bear, Bean The Bird/Dynamite, and Fang The Sniper.) One thing cool about this game is the fact that if the second player decides to be the player your playing as. Dr.Robontik will come over to the ring and drop down a grey version of the chachter your playing as. I think Metal Sonic was in this but besides that Super Sonic is in this too.


Sonic Colors involving new power-ups and DS to WII action. Having these things called Wisps looking at the first one in the WII version being the Cyan Wisp being LAZER, the green one being HOVER. But Let's try not to get to far on the Wisps besides

telling you about the ROCKET wisp
He is orange and a rocket okay d-one.


Sonic Generations best idea SEGA and Sonic Team could ever come up with. E3 2011 - Best Game Ever.

IGN - Best Game Ever.

GameSpy - Best Game Ever.

My Review - Best Game Ever.

Classic Sonic meets Modern self. How time paradoxes. From a purple monster called Time Eater.