Game Basics

Sonic's Moves:

Homing Attack

Spin Dash

Light Speed Dash

Light Speed Attack

Tails's Moves:

Propeller Flight

Tails Attack

Rappid Tails Attack

Knuckles Moves:

Punch Attack

Gliding Jump


Amys Moves:

Hammer Attack

Hammer Jump

Spin Hammer Attack

E-102 Gammas Moves:

Laser Gun


Big The Cat's Moves:


Sonic's Adventure

Emerald Coast:

Mission 1: Reach Tails -

Mission 2: Collect 50 Rings -

Mission 3: 2:00 Run -

Windy Valley:

Mission 1: Chaos Emreald -

Mission 2: Collect 50 Rings -

Mission 3: 2:30 Run -

WILL BE COMPLETED HOCKEY GAME TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!