Sonic The Hedgehog a hedgehog who is a talking blue freaking hyper, high speed hedgehog. He is the one who started the Sonic The Hedgehog series as being the new SEGA mascot like one of Sonic's SEGA friends named Alex Kidd. Sonic started out on his own chasing after an evil genius sientest with the I.Q. of 300 named Dr. Robontik. Sonic's first ever level in the game Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) is Green Hill Zone. An easy level that is buitful and has a horrid and terribly easy boss battle with Dr.Robontik, as it lead you to Marble Zone has the grass of Green Hill Zone but it has an rumor it was a ancient town and now it is a big ruin bunch and it is surrounded in lava. For it's underground is filled with Dr.Robontik's traps and things called Badnink's. Badnik's are dangerous to Sonic the only way to defeat them is jump on top of them.

Friend's, Game's, and Location's.

Christmas Island.

Christmas Island is Sonic's birth place, so the Japan version of the manul of the game Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic Generations (Xbox 360, PS3, or PC.)

Sonic Generations for The Xbox 360, PS3, and PC is the same for all 3. Sonic Generations is where the future Sonic meets his past self from this thing called Time Eater who causes time paradoxes. You must save Sonic's friends from Tails to Vector or who ever comes last.


Green Hill Zone - A buitiful wonderland of flowers, trees, hills, and tikis. The textures in Sonic Generations of the grass moving in the wind. And detailed background view.

Chemical Plant Zone - A dirty messy factory place from Sonic 2 created by the evil sientest Dr.Robontik. Where something from later in Sonic Generations fights you.

Sky Sanctuary Zone - Knuckles sanctuary from Sonic 3. A glorius place of mossy ruins from where the big Master Emreald rests on Angel Island floating above Mobius.