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The battle.

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Likers of America's Opinnion

User 1

The game isn't half-bad. The glitches and stuff isn't too bad. Yes there might be a lot of them but atleast the game is playable right.

Wikia Contribuer

It's not really disiadable but I say it's pretty good if you don't like playing through glitches get the PS3 version.

User 2

it's finwith me.

Likers of China's Opinnion - Transalated into English.

User 1

The game is fine. Because the glitches are passable if you restart the game.

Non-Wikia User

It's okay.

User 2

Eh it's cool.

Likers of Mexico's Oppinion - Some Transalted to English.


I'm not really liker ya' know.

Dislikers need a turn hopefully these are more discriptive. - Hint: There sorta.

Dislikers of America's Opinnion

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