I just finished watching both new episodes of Sonic Boom today, and I must say that I loved the show! I can't stop watching it now, I'm so happy! The Sidekick was pretty funny, but touching at the same time. Sonic's big brother side really did come out in this episode trying to protect Tails from getting hurt again. He was being really loving to Tails, and I loved it! Plus, I could really feel them bonding like true brothers in the episode. Amy was pretty funny too when she was auditioning. "I'm a crazy pizza man... who juggles and sings!" was my favorite line and I can't stop laughing every time I hear it. So overall, the first episode was pretty good.

Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few days? was by far, my favorite episode! I loved how Eggman acted while he was being Sonic and Tails' roommate; before and after the roommate meeting. Amy being a counseler and mediator in the entire episode was pretty great and a little funny. All the pillow fights, the roommate meeting, and Sticks being right about Eggman's evil plot! Sticks was great in this episode and was right about everything! The ending was great too. Eggman trying to stay with Sonic and Tails and Sonic just dropped him back off at his ruined base. Then Amy goes to him to be a therapist again and he runs away. Oh i loved this episode!

Overall, the show is really great and I can't wait for future episodes to air!