First Wiki Blog

    July 10, 2009 by SLJCOAAATR 1

    Hello all. Sorry for really not being around much since May. I've slowly been losing interest in this Wiki, and am not really that motivated to work on it anymore. /: I'll stick around for now...

    Anyways, as the title says, this is my first blog on a Wiki. There really aren't any special features, I see. Not happy about users being able to put the blogs into main-space categories. -_-; In other news, I'd like to use this blog to do a bit of complaining. I'm fine, and all with users having a bit of fanon, and all, but I feel that it's getting to that point that there's far too much fanon here. We do have a seperate Sonic wiki for fanon, seen here. Why not try moving it all down there? It's really starting to get on my nerves that about 80% of the …

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