Hello all. Sorry for really not being around much since May. I've slowly been losing interest in this Wiki, and am not really that motivated to work on it anymore. /: I'll stick around for now...

Anyways, as the title says, this is my first blog on a Wiki. There really aren't any special features, I see. Not happy about users being able to put the blogs into main-space categories. -_-; In other news, I'd like to use this blog to do a bit of complaining. I'm fine, and all with users having a bit of fanon, and all, but I feel that it's getting to that point that there's far too much fanon here. We do have a seperate Sonic wiki for fanon, seen here. Why not try moving it all down there? It's really starting to get on my nerves that about 80% of the SNN edits are fanon-related. Seriously guys, we're here to write a reliable encyclopedic source for all things Sonic, excluding fanon. Not to mention, what little real editing that goes on here is complete blasphemy! Unsourced, loaded with un-necassary images, loaded with spectulation, bombarded with irrelevant trivial remarks, shot down with horrendous grammer, etc. Please, my felow users, try harder to make this te place that it was originally designed to be. The crazyness is driving quality users away *Cough*Molten*Cough*. It's not only saddening me, but it's also angering me, and driving me away as well. You all have the potential in you to be great users, you just need to be pushed to those limits. Take it from me. I want to help you all, but you need to show me that you are here to make a Sonic encyclopedia, not an insane asylum.

Another thing I'd like to mention real fast is people like 58, and her arsenal of block-evading IP's here just for the sake of being a nuscience. If her like her, just leave. Now. I will take very serious action if she persists, or if we have anymore people like her.

For now, farewell, and feel free to comment on this. I'll reply to anything that isn't utter idiocy. SLJCOAAATR 1 02:22, 10 July 2009 (UTC)