• STH235SilverLover

    As far as I know, Sonic and Shadow are most people's favorite Sonic series characters.  My favorite, however, is Silver.  Silver, IMHO, is a totally awesome character who receives less love, credit, and screen-time than he deserves because he debuted in the black sheep of the Sonic franchise, Sonic '06 (which, with the release of the Sonic Boom games, isn't even the black sheep anymore).

    Because I love Silver, I really think he should have his own game, eponymously titled Silver the Hedgehog. Here's how I imagine a such a game:

    Silver, of course, would be the main character, with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy serving as supporting protagonists.  A new character, named Charon, would be the game's main villain.  Doctor Eggman would also appear (ho…

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