As far as I know, Sonic and Shadow are most people's favorite Sonic series characters.  My favorite, however, is Silver.  Silver, IMHO, is a totally awesome character who receives less love, credit, and screen-time than he deserves because he debuted in the black sheep of the Sonic franchise, Sonic '06 (which, with the release of the Sonic Boom games, isn't even the black sheep anymore).

Because I love Silver, I really think he should have his own game, eponymously titled Silver the Hedgehog. Here's how I imagine a such a game:


Silver, of course, would be the main character, with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy serving as supporting protagonists.  A new character, named Charon, would be the game's main villain.  Doctor Eggman would also appear (how can he not?), as would his robot lackeys, Orbot and Cubot.

Voice Cast:

  • Quinton Flynn as Silver
  • Paul St. Peter (also the voice of Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts and Diaboromon in Digimon) as Charon
  • Roger Craig Smith as Sonic
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Tails
  • Travis Willingham as Knuckles
  • Cindy Robinson as Amy Rose
  • Mike Pollock as Doctor Eggman
  • Kirk Thornton as Orbot
  • Wally Wingert as Cubot


In the game, Silver's time comes under threat from an evil force that transports him to Sonic's time.  The same evil force follows him back in time and usurps control of Doctor Eggman's robot armies, placing the worlds of the past and future in jeoperdy.  Silver must team up with Sonic and company to find a way back to the future, so they can defeat the evil at its source and save the world.  Of course, the only things in the Sonic franchise with the power to allow time travel are the Chaos Emeralds---all of which would be hidden at the end of seven different levels all over the world.  Each level would have 6 main acts, plus a 7th act which features that level's boss fight.  Also each level MUST be both awesome in music and breathtaking in design (y'know, like the levels in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors are).  The 8th level would be the final world.


The game begins with Silver's time period coming under attack by an evil force, which Silver himself faces off against in defense of his world.  However, after eliminating a horde of enemies, the dark forces' leader, Charon, ambushes Silver and knocks him out.  He then sends Silver through a time warp to Sonic's time period, where Sonic and Tails are fighting Eggman (who is accompanied by Orbot and Cubot) in Tails' Tornado airplane.  In the middle of the fight, Silver emerges from the time warp and lands on the Tornado, followed moments later by a giant monster, which the dark forces dispatched to kill Silver in case he survived the time warp process.  The monster abducts Eggman and then engages the Tornado, breaking Sonic's leg when he tries to attack it.  Silver awakens (when he landed on the Tornado, the force of the impact knocked him out) and fights off the monster.  Unfortunately, Silver is left drained from his ordeals, nerfing his powers.

Using the captured Eggman, Charon takes control of his robots in the present time; Eggman's possessed armies then begin to wreak havoc all over the world.  Tails deduces that in order to stop this new threat, one needs to travel to where it originated from: specifically, the future.  Doing this, however, requires the power of the Chaos Emeralds.  To further complicate matters, Sonic's broken leg leaves him unable to use his super-speed.  Silver, worried about his world, volunteers to help.  The trio travel the world in search of the Chaos Emeralds (with Silver doing all the work since Sonic's injuries put him out of commission).  During the adventure, they encounter Knuckles and Amy, who are being attacked by the dark forces; Silver, unable to turn a blind eye to someone in need, saves them both (although the cockier Knuckles is a little less grateful).  Charon, who has monitoring the heroes' progress, initiates an effort to secure the Chaos Emeralds before they do, to (of course) no avail.

At some point in the game, we get the big plot twist: Silver is revealed to be Sonic's descendent.  Soon after, the heroes finally obtain every Chaos Emerald and travel forward in time to Silver's future.  Charon, aware that Sonic is Silver's ancestor, prepares to destroy him, intending to erase Silver from existence; to ensure this, he renders the other heroes helpless (much like Black Doom did in the finale of Shadow the Hedgehog).  However, Silver receives encouragement from his world's people, boosting his morale and allowing him to return to full strength.  Transforming into Super Silver via the Chaos Emeralds, he defeats and kills Charon in a climactic final showdown, causing the rest of the dark forces in both the present and future to die off and saving the day.  With the adventure over, Silver parts ways with Sonic and company, with Sonic and Silver giving each other a congratulative thumbs-up.

After the credits, an exhausted Eggman is shown lying supine in the middle of the ocean, kept afloat by his own fatness as he laments his plans being foiled yet again; the destruction of the dark forces wiped out a good solid chunk of his army, to which they were still linked.  As Orbot and Cubot, using Eggman as a raft, talk about the whole experience, Eggman sighs in frustration, wishing he was a few days into the future right now so he could get away from his lackeys' chattering.  Orbot and Cubot continue to chat as the camera pans upwards to show a constellation of Silver, which winks at the player, in the starry twilight sky.


The game would involve focus on Silver's psychokinesis abilities.  Aside from grabbing and throwing stuff with his mind, Silver can use his powers to fly; this is why he is considered him a "Flight" type character, rather than a "Speed"-type like the other characters.  He can also use his powers for defensive purposes, such as creating a personal protective force field.  However, his powers are limited, which would be indicated by a meter on the game screen.  If this meter runs out, Silver would be temporarily unable to use his powers; this meter self-replenishes after a few seconds.

In addition to the main story, I also imagine there being a multiplayer mode, in which players can participate in mini-games featuring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and/or Amy; you could even play as these characters if you want---although, you've got to unlock them first.


For music, I imagine the game having kind of a balance of orchestral and rock music; the main musical theme, as well as the end credits theme, would be a version of the LB vs. JS version of "Dreams of an Absolution" (Silver's theme from Sonic '06).


Silver the Hedgehog should be playable primarily on more recent consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.  A 3DS version would also be cool.

Well folks, what do you think?  Comments are welcome. :-)