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  • I live in Running at someone with bombs strapped to my hands
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is Beheaded Kamikaze
  • I am Male
  • Sacorguy79

    Smash Mouth because relevancy and cancer.

    Happy Birthday Metal!

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  • Sacorguy79
    Reference Scene

    Just an excuse to get a comic out, honestly.

    I was surprised to see that The Mystical Forest Zone had been shut down months ago. Since I hadn't bothered making any comics in the timespan, I never took a gander at the site up until recently. Technically, you can still access the site's archives and download the images like that (via Wayback Machine), but even so, it's a shame they had to close it off.

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    • Deep Hedgehog Assignment 2

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  • Sacorguy79

    Thanks, Penders. You really brightened up my mood today. ...For all the wrong reasons.

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  • Sacorguy79

    Hello there everyone, this is going to be a short, serious, straight-to-the-point blog about something called the "Heartbleed Bug".

    A newly discovered bug in software supposed to provide extra protection for thousands of the world’s most popular websites has exposed highly sensitive information such as credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords, security researchers said.

    Given the circumstances, I don't wish to see any users here affected by this bug. There is actually a rather simple way to avoid being a victim of having your passwords cracked. First, check out websites you visit often/daily, and test their URLs in this testing host specifically designed to detect Heartbleed. Second, modify all your website passwords. It doesn't necessar…

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  • Sacorguy79

    This dramatic re-enactment of "Brothers-in-Harms", an anime series from the future, it now going to be fully Sonic-ized in a 120-comic strip epic. A story where two lovers travel to the past and adopt two children of very different traits and personalities, to form a brotherly bond of trust between both. There will be a gripping storyline, amazing dialogue, high-larious hijinks, and to top it all off, 119 of the comics will contain excessive amounts of Sonic-related shipping, half of that number devoted to the brothers falling in love with a human named Maria.

    I hope you're looking forward to it, because I sure am.

    Alright, seriously, here are the credits.

    • The Mystical Forest Zone and their respective spriters.
    • ShadowSaiyanXD (Deviantart, Sonall…

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