Out of the Frying Pan. . . (OHAtW 74)

Comment - "Also this comic is boring and too long. At least some of the other comics have more humor than this and they are way shorter than this!" -JokerJay779

"At least some of the other comics have more humor"

"more humor"

Challenge accepted.


Deus Ex is serious business. I love the Admiral's Sonic-based comic of said game, but it appeared as though some people are reading them hoping to locate a source of laughter. Well, I present to you "Humor.jpeg", specifically designed to enlighten those who can't take serious storytelling.

Source - Savage

Source of Source - Deus Ex: The Recut


  • Yes, I did edit Sonic's sprites by giving him the Deus Ex shades.
  • I know practically nothing about the Deus Ex series, so if you feel characters I used here are inaccurate, I apologize.
  • This blog means no disrespect to any users, especially JokerJay. I simply felt inclined to make this comic as a relative joke about Admiral's story arc.