This blog has been made to address an issue.

As of late, "trolling" has been heavily restricted among the chat guidelines. However, there seems to be a common misconception of what "trolling" actually is. By reading the Don't feed the trolls policy page, every rule stated to defect a troll has been listed. However, in this guideline, there is no mention of what I like to refer to as "pseudo-trolling". In other words, "Friendly Trolling/Teasing".

Some time ago, I have a feeling that a dispute was settled regarding someone who may have found themselves offended by a certain party. The details of which I cannot recall, this is only a theory. But it seems as though Friendly Trolling was automatically banned as an attitude on the chat. I would like to point out that better action could have been taken in a situation such as this. Light-hearted joking about with other users is completely acceptable. If someone is having a problem, they can take it to an Administrator, and he/she can sort the issue out without banning this teasing behavior entirely. There's a fine line between actual trolling and teasing, thus this should -in theory- permit the usage of things such as "trollish" emoticons, since there are no actual offenses that are being taken.

Now, the basics for "troll" emotes are this: Do not spam them as a gesture to irritate other users. That's all there is to it.

Now that this problem has been addressed, I propose that we allow "trollish" emotes to be used. And remember: The Moderators and Administrators are here to help with any personal problems you may have. If there are any questions, ask away gentlemen.

Serious Sam Minigun icon Heavy