Well, users, it's been a while since our first art contest, hosted by Time Biter, and the second contest held by Blaze Sol, which was sadly left unnoticed for the most part. Nowadays, with a roster of new users on the go here, I've decided to host a third contest. Judges will be pending requirement, and until four are chosen, users may freely begin to submit their artistic designs.

Contest and Judging have both finished. Winners are stated at the bottom!!!


  • Judges must give a score out of ten on every piece of artwork submitted.
  • If a user has submitted more than one drawing (say, two or three), a judge must pick his/her favorite of the contestant's personal submissions.
  • Once all artwork has been judged, I shall add up all the scores, and declare first, second, and third places.


  • Art may come in the form of both Sonic characters or fan-characters. Third-party characters are acceptable as long as the latter subjects are included.
  • Users are permitted to submit up to a maximum of three drawings. However, only one of the three will be the highest-rated, for the sake of the other entries.
  • No inappropriate pictures. Blood does fall under this category, bear in mind. If such an inappropriate picture is submitted, it will be discluded from the contest. If it happens to be a tiny red splotch due to a drawing accident, that's perfectly fine.
  • Hand-sketched drawings and computer-sketched drawings will fall into two separate categories if necessary. This could potentially mean that there will be more than one winner.
  • Upload your pictures and submit them via comment. I'll try to add them under your appropriate section when I have the time.
  • Please be civil! I remember we had a small problem of behavior in the first art contest, so please, be friendly with one another!
  • Most importantly: Have fun! This isn't meant to boost competitive attitudes or anything. ;)


Four judges (plus the original Art Contest host) have been selected to give their thoughts on each piece of art. The list is now full, and no more judges shall be accepted.














Main Contest

  1. Ultrasonic9000 with 36.9/40 points! Congratulations!
  2. Katrins with 34.2/40 points! Congratulations!
  3. Shadowunleashed13 with 33.7 points! Congratulations!

Pencil Drawn

  1. Ultrasonic9000 with 36.9/40 points! Exuberance!
  2. Shadowunleased13 with 33.7/40 points! Exuberance!
  3. SandraThePorcupine with 33.2/40 points! Exuberance!

Computer Drawn

  1. Katrins with 34.2 points! Amazing!
  2. DiscoDuck with 34/40 points! Amazing!
  3. FreeSmudger with 31.9 points! Amazing!

Honorable Mentions and Notes

  • SonicRollOut - One can tell that a lot of effort went into this amazing piece of art! I apologize that your drawing hadn't been among any of the top three's, which is probably due to most judge's ratings being very mixed (criticism such as lack of background detail, or difficult to interpret due to scanning problems). Still, though, I would certainly put this among a top three list for such perfect accuracy on recreating the comic scene. I'll give this a 9/10.
  • Psyche the Hedgehog 1997 - You're still in an early phase of computer art, so I certainly won't be deducting points for that. The effect with your character's fire-kinesis is well-silhouetted against his body. It's the shaping around some areas that tips me off, especially the square cuffs. I'll give it a 7.5/10. Remember to keep drawing! You'll be a master artist in no time!
  • Pacmansonic138 - I must say, I really do love your cartoony art style, Pacman. The shaping is excellent for such an aforementioned atmosphere, especially for the "Sonic Adventure Sawnic". The Super Silver one has but one flaw in my mind, that being how Silver alone is completely blocked out (which for an inside joke, I can understand why). The Sonic and Tails one seems to be an odd favorite of most judges, while I personally find the proportions to be a tad awkward. I'll give "Sawnic" an 8/10, "Silvslam" a 7.5/10, and "Sonic and Tails" a 7.3/10. Keep cartooning!
  • Needlemouse - OK, I have to say it: Sonic looks delicious. The scale and colors of your art are just a marveling sight in my opinion, and the light sources on Sonic's body are strategically placed. While some people may find it to be a bit rough, I'm looking past that aspect, because really: Who can always draw smoothly? I'll give you a well-earned 9.1/10. Your art will always be nostalgic!
  • Hellotyler - The creativity is excellent with the Knights of the Round Table. The addition of Silver and Jet's counterparts completes the drawing, and you receive extra points for Blaze; it seems as though she's drawn just perfectly scaled. The lack of a background and floor, however, seems to leave the medieval setting a bit barren, though. I must say, you are talented with drawing Sonic characters/Knights of the Hedgehog Table. I'll reward you an 8.2/10.

Thank You!

I just want to thank all of you for participating in this contest! I feel as though it's livened things up around this site and it's socializing community, and trust me: All the art here is beautiful in its own way. I encourage you all to keep on drawing; You may the future artist of Archie or a Fanbase.