Alright, so, this would likely be a good time for me to continue work on my constantly-teased "Sonic SatAM Review". The thing is, though, I've run into an issue.

My laptop recently became infected with a virus, and currently, I'm still trying to get assistance to remove it. It doesn't help that both that pending SatAM Review and all my Sprite Comic material is in that laptop, so seeing as how I can't be bothered to download all the sprites and backgrounds again, my sprite comics will continue to be on hold.

As for the Review, I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm just not fit for writing one. I was kind of going through a "SatAM craze", and I'm having doubting thoughts that I'll end up finishing it. That being said, don't suddenly believe that it's completely eliminated from my mind, there is still the possibility of finishing it.

But, if my laptop is kaput, the Review will be of the same fate.

That should clear things up for now. To appease you, have this image of me with Robotnik's moustache.