This dramatic re-enactment of "Brothers-in-Harms", an anime series from the future, it now going to be fully Sonic-ized in a 120-comic strip epic. A story where two lovers travel to the past and adopt two children of very different traits and personalities, to form a brotherly bond of trust between both. There will be a gripping storyline, amazing dialogue, high-larious hijinks, and to top it all off, 119 of the comics will contain excessive amounts of Sonic-related shipping, half of that number devoted to the brothers falling in love with a human named Maria.

I hope you're looking forward to it, because I sure am.

Alright, seriously, here are the credits.

  • The Mystical Forest Zone and their respective spriters.
  • ShadowSaiyanXD (Deviantart, Sonally Sprites)