Well, that's only half of the explanation as to why I haven't made a comic in a while.

To elaborate, I'm on a bit of a multitasking schedule here: Throughout the weekdays I'm busy in the late-morning to early-noon with a few hours of schoolwork, and among that is writing, which sometimes pushes me to where I need a break before I continue working on my upcoming Sonic SatAM review blog (which I then forget about later, a bad habit of mine). And some of you might be aware that I'm trying to be more active on Youtube, so I've been busy making videos. Lastly, I've just had to go places in the real world, such as yesterday morning to early afternoon, which was a big time-consumer.

My main plan for my Sprite comics is to work on them right after I finish my review on SatAM. So it's gonna be a while yet before I continue the Ricky story arc. Thanks for all your patience, readers.