Do you have an FC?

The title kinda says it all... it's something I do for peoples birthday I put their FCs into my comics as cameos. Prime examples are here and here. -Psyche the Hedgehog

Yes, my fancharacter is Data the PC, which I stole from Xano. He is a computer-based lifeform built in the shape of a hedgechidna and lives on the planet Zebeth, where he spends a majority of his time teaching calculus and studying the properties of sludge water. He has a girlfriend (which doesn't make sense, but I don't care) named Cynthia, who thinks that computers that teach calculus are amazing and should be loved more often. Data was one day threatened by the alternate-reality Eggman known as "Eggman Posi" (short for "positive"), whom of which had demanded Data throw his life away and become a WD-40 dispenser machine on Moebius, to which Data rapidly declined. There was an epic battle to follow, with explosions, Dragon Ball Z references, and Sol Emeralds which made Data go "Ultra Data" (a state of which Data turns into a giant floating iPad and crushes his victims). Soon enough, Eggman Posi got bored, and decided to travel via dimensions to visit Robotnik Prime. In the meantime, Data and Cynthia showed their truwuv for each other and decided to get married in "New England Zone", by Johnny Lightfoot (even though he's dead, I brought him back to life for realz), and then Johnny makes out with Tekno (IT MAKES SENSE IN FANFICTIONS, DAMN IT). Data's abilities consist of not only becoming a giant iPad and teaching calculus, but he can also become a logical thinker, taking on the likes of Socrates. Not only this, but he is also the prime rival of NICOLE, who is constantly attempting to outsmart him. As a robot hedgechidna, he can run at supersonic speeds (faster than Sonic and Shadow, because that's how all fanfictions work, right?), and he can also glide with tremendous elegance. If he glides into wall quickly enough, the world he lives in will suddenly shake, and start dancing to "Take on me" by "A-ha". And then if he kisses his wife Cynthia, he will suddenly-
Short answer, no, I don't have a fancharacter, and I don't plan on making one anytime soon.

Dug this up from September 26th of this year.

As you may or may not know, the hybrid race of "Sacor Guys" are refined gentlemen and detest the creation of Sonic the Hedgehog fancharacters. I, however, made the mistake of doing so (albeit sarcastically), and it is family tradition to commit hara-kiri if you do so.

Thankfully, the clones haven't found me out yet, so I'm safe for now.

Thus is the lesson of making fancharacters: If you make them overpowered smarta**es perfect in every way, shape or form, I will murder you.

The End.

(what the hell did I just write?)