Wow, two blogs in a day? For shame...

Well, maybe not for shame, since I have an excuse for creating a second blog - I haven't made a sprite comic in ages, and a couple hours earlier, this popped into my mind.

For the uninitiated, basically what's happening in Archie Sonic at the moment, is that after the events of the now infamous Mega Man crossover, Sonic has been sent back to his home world, but many characters have developed new memories. As such, I was playing off of this with the joke of using Amy Rose possessing the thought process of her Games counterpart. For more detail, refer to this blog.

As usual, credit goes to the Mystical Forest Zone and their respective spriters. In the process of making this, I did edit Sally's sprite on the first page, this is evident by the misplaced eyelash (which is supposed to be of her eyelids shut), I wanted to give her a sort of guilty look for the whole Mecha Sally fiasco. I'm sure Amy's sprite edit isn't difficult to point out.