Ok, remember when this idea was suggested a while back and nearly everyone hated it? How did it get approved?

I said it then, and I'll gladly say it now. We're a Sonic community, but we're not mindless drones doing everything our superiors tell us. This is supposed to be a place where people can gather and talk about Sonic, yes, but to disallow us from talking about anything else is immoral and wrong. Because of our previous freedom to write blogs about anything, several people now are fans of a show that most of them probably wouldn't have watched if this rule was in place then. Do you understand this? With this new rule, people won't get to experience new things that they may or may not like. We're all Sonic fans, and I can guarantee that Sonic himself would not approve of this.

I remember 58 first tried to pass this rule a while back and it was rejected for obvious reasons. Now it's in effect, and I've got a suspicion that democracy did not play a part in this.